To know what art and pure creativity actually are, we need to have an idea of where they truly come from. Thinking that ‘art’ is a thing in a frame that costs mind-boggling sums of money created by a ‘special’ person who somehow was endowed with a magical gifted hand, and which we will never be allowed to touch or to have in our own lives – this is the greatest trick ever invented to divide Living Beings from our Divine Creative Conscious.

‘art’ is one of the multifarious ways in which Living Women and Men are cruelly lured out of their Birth Right to Real Health, Wealth and Happiness… But art may be more core than any other area, even our grotesquely distorted ideas about health, or the evils of economics or our enslaved fictitious identity that we consent to…

Real Art is nothing less than our God-Given capacity to Create… infinitely! This capacity comes in the unbound ‘form’ of Flow, intimately linked to Love and to our Pure, unhindered Vital Force. Our Birth Right is our literally unlimited potential to Make, Build, Dance, Celebrate, Grow, Express Our Uniqueness, Be More Conscious, Birth Orgasmically, Transcend Our Pain, Harvest Free Energy, Imagine, Make Solutions, Make Love, Create Life, Evolve, Raise Our Vibration, and Live in Harmonious Synchrony With All Things.

We give this immense creative Birth Right away, every time we say ‘I don’t know anything about art/ I’m no good at art/ what does this painting mean? or I could never do that’ Every time we default to what was drummed into us at school; we’re not good enough, we’re not talented enough, we should be ashamed of ourselves for voicing an opinion, singing, raising our voice, moving our limbs about in a non-preordained manner. In accepting our conditioned mind around our inferiority in relation to ‘art’, we lose our Divine Capacity To Create.

Our young bodies know all about Art – Real Art – in fact we Know Art in our very cells and core; we haven’t had our Creative Expansiveness quelled yet. So we all have something to reference in our past, even if we never picked up a paintbrush again after a teacher started measuring our hard graft and relegating points and percentages to it.

As conditioned adults, we know that there’s a ‘spark’ in us, but we’ve forgotten the natural font and volcanic outpourings that we so effortlessly were in our primal period. In our early incarnation – be this in a far off tribal culture, in ancient history or in our personal early life – signpost us to where Art and Creativity really come from. We Know This. It doesn’t light up and activate for us unless we step ourselves in it, but we do Know this – and we Know it as Self; we Know that somehow pure Flow can come through us.

We have at least a couple of clues about/ an occasional glimpse of deeply meaningful immersion in materials, elements; body-mind-spirit integrally celebrating Life. We dabble with Knowing its Power, we tiptoe around Radiating out Our Essence Freely, we peek at amazing creations through pixels and photos – but we don’t get Truly Deep Into it, sometimes even if we’ve dedicated a career to ‘art’.

The Depths, Our Core, is another dimension in respect to what we consider ‘the real world’ nowadays! Knowing Our Core, de-armouring the Centre of Our Being, having a Mind Wide Open and Unreined, and Having Our Whole Being Tap-rooted and Activated, we open up Source within our supposedly limited-by-physics-and-flaws body.

Thus we realise that although everything in mainstream, in our ‘education’ and in ‘history’ tells us the very opposite, we are in fact Divine Creation In Action… And our uniqueness – rather than being a terrible failing – is the key to our unlocking Our Right Relationship with The Infinite, and within a mystical Universe. We recognise Source as being in the heart of each of us, and that we reach into the greatness of our Self and of the World, through our loosened, freed, activated Body-Mind-Spirit.

Read on to find out how we all participate in the destruction of Our Innate Creative Power….