With all that’s unfolding in our contemporary story on planet Earth, it’s hard to accept that making Art might be at all relevant, let alone a Sacred Solution; in ‘normal’ ‘life’ we all agree that the first subject at school to be unfunded, the first area of austerity to be defined – should be the ‘arts’. There are very few people who comprehend the importance of Art, of Movement, Play, Creativity, Freedom Of Expression, and so on – and who are Alive and Willing to step fully into a Life Path of Liberating Divine Creative Genius.

The True Nature and Power of Our Innate Creativity is usually lost or dissipated in the muddy waters of superficial ‘flow’, rather than Our Souls Being Activated by Our Potent Immersion through the Power Of Now into Our Birth Right of Alignment with Our Divine Intelligence.

At a superficial level of consciousness, I can only talk about my ‘personal’ experience of Liberation, Healing, Expansion into Bliss through Art. On a hierarchical level, I am not permitted to enter the public arena via social media, gallery or patronage: despite my having been ‘certified’ by two of the world’s top ‘art’ ‘schools; despite my illustrious career in several countries; despite the awards presented to me for my work; despite my Art being in collections around the world – I am invisible to the mainstream, because the ‘art’ ‘world’ only accepts the language of commerce, atrophy and enslavement – which I am not speaking.

My Art, by the very Nature of it being Alive – Uninhibited by doctrine, and Immune to projection of limitation by the ‘art’ ‘world’ – has a particular realm of influence. I have a close Circle of Living Men and Women who support my Work, and I love to Be In Living Conversation with them, rather than transactional commercial relationship, as is the norm. My Practise has Expanded and Evolved rather than being restrained by the distorted language and ‘values’ of ‘culture’. This means that I am not in contract or in bondage to any agency, to any limiting ‘truth’ or manipulative patronage. I’m not restricted by labels or genre. I Reserve All Rights, and Give None: I am. My Art Is.

Because of this Openness In My Approach And Work, The Meaning Can Remain More Multi-Levelled; I do not consent to my Work Ever being Interpreted By an ‘art’ ‘critic’ or to it being stolen up into the hierarchy; my Art exists in Nature, And Is Of my Essence, which is Natural and True, Sovereign, Free.

This is how I can Live In Gift rather than being beholden to limiting contracts on my Time, Energy, Imagination, Creative Expression and Inner/ Outer Resources.

It’s also how I can Support the Transition of Living Souls into the True Freedom of Their Creative Flow: I Know The Power Of Innate Creative Genius, because I have Transformed My Own Life from the poverty, grief and the awful hardship of separation… Into The Expansive Bliss of Life As Art – The Art Of Life.

I’m Able to Share my Divine Creative Intelligence Liberally, as Synchrony Guides me, because I’m not in contraction or contract (neither in bondage nor fear) to any agency, external power or manipulative commerce. My Soul Purpose is to share as Natural Law Unfolds: Generously.

I Thrive on Sharing How We All Can Be Freed into Our Unique Creative Genius.

We each of us have this power of Our Inimitable Relationship with Our Art – returning to Whole, to Natural Law, to Soul Autonomy and Truth. I can share my Journey with You, but I do not advise Any One to mimic my ‘journey’. This is the nature of copying Art and diminishing it through parody: we make Art less than what it is, by talking about it, defining it in simplistic or complex terms, by commercialising it and by copyrighting/ printing/ merchandising it.

By definition, through us effort-fully grasping at Truth, we interpret it wrongfully; it becomes distorted by Our Neediness for it and our want to control how it Flows to us and through us. Natural Law is Purely Power-Full Flow and Pure Potent Attraction; our ‘commercial’ ‘reality’ by definition blocks us and distorts Truth for us. So the dissolution of the construct/ the contract/ the less-than ‘truth’ is necessary, for us to be Truly Liberated. This is True both of Creating Art and of Knowing Art; for the Creator and for the Witness, who is also Creator, we must All Break Out of the Fear-Tension-Pain cult that has ridden us into the ground!

Every One of Us has a Hero’s Journey: The Mystical Living Universe is Infinitely Expanding despite the powerfully destructive forces of our collective material-mechanical-transactional ‘reality’: it is Our Choice whether to remain a passive, dead participant in this destruction of Life, or whether We Awake to Our True Nature as Artist in Divine Creation. We’re All on a steep learning curve in this respect: gaining True Confidence in Our Own Ability, whilst treading the difficult path of being a Sharer of Truth in the midst of a chaotic battle around What Is Actually Happening In ‘Earth’ Right Now!

The Real Purpose Of Art is to Know Our True Nature, To Actively Co-Create In Expansive Bliss, and to Contribute Right Action to Our Collective Creative Evolution. The Illumination that Art Gifts Us is in Natural Relation to how Deep We Delve and How Expansively We Are Willing To Open To Our Art: Natural Passion and Discipline, Harnessed Effortlessly In To Our Unique Expressive OutPouring…

My Mastery Of Art is in my Fluency in the Spontaneous-Intuitive, the Wild Feminine and the Balancing Of The Deep Power Of Yin-Yang, the Awakening Of Sentience and Core Vitality, the Healing To Vibrant Expansiveness of Art.

My Journey has been rather unusual in respect to convention, and even in respect to most artists: I’ve prioritised Unfolding this Divine Creative Flow through Barefoot, Colourful Quiet-Adventures in several countries and ‘cultures’. I’ve Thrived through what would conventionally be labelled as ‘poverty’, I’ve Released my bondage to suffering, and have Unleashed My Sacred Healing Capacity.

Art Workshop With VAWAA

My mastery is in having broken contract with the ‘art’ ‘world’, and having Courage to Delve Deep Into Truth both within and out-with my Self: I’m Able to Inspire and Offer Signposts to Others Journeying Into Illumination, because I’m a little further ahead in having Liberated the Immense, Divine Creative Potential that I Know Is Every Living Being’s Birth Right.

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