In response to global events, and the enormous upwelling of new feminine thought voice and perspective, this is a series speaking to what the sacred feminine is. These podcasts also speak to why the subject of the deep feminine is so vital right now, and how we can support the feminine to evolve – so it can contribute to the positive transformation of our planetary consciousness.

podcast 1 on What Is The Divine Feminine
podcast 2 on Birth, Creativity and The Divine Feminine
podcast 3 on Women’s Anger
podcast 4 on Women’s Voice
podcast 5 on Menstruation
podcast 6 on Water, Discipline and The Deep Feminine
podcast 7 on The Great Feminine Wound
podcast 8 on Free Bleeding and Activated Menstrual Power
podcast 9 on Miscarriage, Meaning and Catharsis
sculpture by Niki De Saint Phalle, Capalbio, Italy