Thoughts from 2020, throughout the world economic, political, social and health crisis. How much is True about how we’re perceiving the situation via the mainstream? What is whole health – and how can we remain calm, healthy, positive and aligned, whilst the global population appears to be descending into psychosis?

podcast 1 on Worldwide Ticket Freedom… Versus Having A Taproot
podcast 2 on What Are We Going To Do About Our Fear?
podcast 3 on This Is NOT A War On Nature!
podcast 4 on Sovereignty
podcast 5 on Calling Out My Privilege
podcast 6 on Creating The New Normal
podcast 7 on Why Privilege Is So Invested In The Status Quo
podcast 8 on The I Can’t Find People Like Me Dilemma
podcast 9 on Indigenous Language
podcast 10 on What Is The Divine Perfection Of This Time?
podcast 11 on The Now – part one
podcast 12 on The Now – part 2
podcast 13 on The Now – part 3
podcast 14 on Removing Our Self From The Hierarchy
podcast 15 on What’s Soooo Wrong With Modern Medicine
podcast 16 on Keeping In The Divinity Of This Moment
podcast 17 on Where Do We Go Now?!
podcast 18 on Unstupidising Ourselves
podcast 19 on Suveran Health
podcast 20 on We Are Infinite Beings Manifest
podcast 21 on Consent, Freedom, Health, Law and Truth
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