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Toxicity is a hot topic for those of us focussed on a better world for every one and every thing; we’re most of us pretty aware of the generalised, accepted toxification of multiple areas of our physical lives, and the pressing need to – somehow – detox from it all.

There’s also the deeper, wider, wholistic energetic aspect of detoxification: the mystical dreamspell of our ‘obligation’ to ‘live’ in the perpetual toxicity of friction, time poverty, striving, polarisation and the compartmentalisation (of Life As One).

letting go – return to Health

In my humble, honest view, our current world situation can be summarised around the topic of toxicity – and, more specifically,around the Sacred Detoxification in Action in This Perfect EveryMoment.

Living Voice Sharing on Toxicity

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Covid, the RNA process, and our collective symptoms in mind body and spirit misclassified as a ‘pandemic’ CAN be seen as a Blessed Gift – IF we’re willing to look both within and into What’s Really Happening. When viewed as a Whole – particularly in the microcosm of precisely what’s transpiring closely around us – we can see multi-levelled release of the toxic. In its place, we can see space, vitality, Truth and Freedom opening up – we are being Activated as a result of the detoxification process.

In any Healthy, Conscious Living Woman or Man, any aspect of toxicity, infection, contamination will Naturally (as in Nature) be ex-pressed: symptoms will move from the core aligned with All Things – including Divine Co-Creative Intelligence – outwards.

This movement of dissipation, this Living Dynamic power-in-motion, will dissipate most wholesomely whatever unwholesome interference or poison within us. Whatever contamination will evaporate, disperse, release without harming anyone or anything; it will return to Source, return into the ether, return to its constituent atoms or energetic building blocks.

We can haver elaborately over what for us is toxic and what for us isn’t, but this would distract from and even block the potentissimo letting go whose season has come, whose time we are now living through.

I urge All to take Responsability AND RIGHT ACTION with their own, unique biodiverse letting go – and to enjoy most fully the Gift of what imense energies are freed-up by that Good Detoxification. Don’t be distracted with others’ processes or projections: keep the focus on Release and Whole Health of All Things!

As a Living Woman who has transformed myriad areas of detoxification – grief, anger, abandonment, poverty, ‘disability’ and prejudice – into Well-ness, Full-Fill-Ment, Liberty and Spiritual Bliss, I Know that as I Release ANY toxicity – in Aligned Reverence for All Things – I also Free a Flow of Consciousness and Synchrony that was previously quelled.

All things that were hidden are calling now to be seen. All things that were numb are calling now to be felt. All things that were manipulated are calling now to be corrected. All perversions of Natural Law are NOW being called into Right Order.

See, Listen, Feel, Act Rightly and bring the Natural Order back into our Reality: it is our True Nature, Health and our Birth Right.


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You’re warmly welcomed: all levels of art experience – so long as you have the willingness to let go and to embrace the process of spontaneous unfolding!

Blessings on your Journey

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We Should Listen To Women Much More!

Welcome dear friend

This Living Voice Sharing is around the feminine voice; the Truth of Women, the Song of the Womb… the uncorked, revered, respected, heard expression of the female perspective.

Female artists, writers, musicians, birthers, dancers, creators – when our Sacred, Whole Voice is brought into the world, welcomed, made space for – extraordinary magic can unfold.

It’s hard to envisage what we’ve lost over the millennia, throughout patriarchy, and throughout this long era of anti-natural and anti-feminine law-education-religion-politics-economy.

But we’re beginning to get a taste for what a world balanced with the Deep Feminine might be. The transition may even be happening in a straightforward, methodical, gentle and benign manner, as all things timely unfold; we might simply be stopping following false leaders, un-law-full patterns, disharmonious roles.

Already, many Living Women and Living Men are seeking horizontal, cooperative rapport-with-all-things – already great shifts are being made in regards to what we’re willing to tolerate or be coerced into. There’s an effortless movement into creative rather than forced Ways, and I Know that Women’s real experiences of Life are absolutely central to this.

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Blessings, Peace, Truth and Love to you,

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intro to harvesting wild mushrooms

For the past months I’ve been racking my brains daily for how best to communicate about the world situation: what’s the most important practical advice, what are the deeper underlying stories, where is the meaning in all that’s happening, and what can we do/ be to alter the profoundly destructive course that we’re on?

This month’s podcast is on mushrooms, wild foraging and consciousness.

I rarely create without divine inspiration – without a whole-body-yes calling to a particular subject/ direction/ dimension. So I was waiting, during this tumultuous time of unfolding psychosis, paranoid-hysterical-misplaced controls and superstitious rituals, for a feeling around the Gift that it is my work to share, and this came clear and ready-to-pop-out: wild mushrooms.

Rather than painting over the past months, I’ve been studying; common law, Italian law, DPCMs, human rights, v a c c i n e s, RNA, the absolute unreliability of testing, the modern understanding of the whole immune system, DNA modification, nano-technologies, surveillance, loss of genetic sovereignty/ identity, legal non-consent, Natural law, and the extent of the manipulation being played out via the mainstream. It’s all reality-altering stuff.

Doing something about it all, however, requires stability, calm, honour… and a profoundly larger perspective; roots planted firmly in the soil of this incredible holy planet, and energies radiating outwards and upwards into the subtle world. This requires, above all, solitude in nature and alignment with bigger forces for Life, so that we can cultivate a true vitality, alertness and well-being.

There’s a profound difference in being aligned with – let’s call it ‘holy-planet-conscious’, and the complex interdependence of solutions and remedies needed (to cure our active state of global dissonance) – or being focussed on ‘the problem’ (as perceived through the conventional media). In the latter , our vibration stays low, and it actually supports – holds space for – the agenda (or ‘the problem’); it effectively compounds the issue, blocking it from dissipating like it naturally wants to.

So here are some thoughts on why mushrooms – the non-cultivated variety that one has to know intimately about before seeking them – are part of the bigger picture – and thus part of the solution.

This is a podcast introduction to wild mushroom harvesting as a means of nourishing and maintaining a holistic consciousness.

podcast intro to wild mushroom harvesting

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MUCH love, blessings, freedom, vitality and power to you – be truly wholly well, be deeply and widely aligned,


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What Can We Do About All This FEAR?

These are genuinely unprecedented times: we’ve never been in this state of having us all so aware of the same thing at the same time; absorbed in and by it. So what can we do with all the adrenaline, over-stimulation and projection of negative scenarios and emotions that it’s bringing up for so many of us? Rather than it threatening to drown the world, surely there’s another option?

In this podcast I’ll talk about the fear (the psychological and emotional) aspect of this virus, prompted by Sama Morningstar’s brilliant blog on how disproportionate fear can be rooted in unresolved trauma. I’m adding to this discourse, suggesting that we’re all so accustomed to being in a high-tension state of depressed, atrophied ‘reality’ – that doomsday really is a relatively short step from our everyday.

During this lock-down time, we have the perfect container to allow fears to arise and to transform them. As the air clears of smog and our avalanche lifestyles slow to a gentle, rhythmic drip, our tensions can unfold in a way that was never possible when we were in the usual grind.

Naturally, effortlessly, our thoughts and inquiries can finally fully form, and so be let go of. We can begin, collectively, to make more conscious decisions about how we want to do this thing we’re doing on planet earth. Now we’re slowed down sufficiently, we can be more aware, feel more, get in tune with what needs to be done, rather than being in this perpetual hamster wheel, just because everyone else is… We can be aware of other options, perspectives, realities.

In my understanding and embodied wisdom, we have a clear choice right now: Fear or Freedom.

So much blessed love and beauty to you today,

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improving our immune system

This is a blogcast around what we can do to better our immune systems; a holistic view of the current drama unfolding around the corona virus.

This is the first time that human culture is experiencing a wide-spread infectious disease and reacting to it in such a collectively intimate way. Which is powerfully metaphorical, in that our immune system also has a collective intimacy to it: we have a collective well-being, in how we are interconnected and interdependent as families, as communities, and globally.

So what can we do to build a strong foundation of vitality, so as to deal with – not only the virus, should it visit us, but – the multi-levels of challenge that come with lock-downs, quarantining, the extensive fear-based tension and reactivity that is going on around us?

It’s vital that we recognise, fear negatively impacts the immune system – as do myriad other aspects of a ‘normal’ modern life.

Fortunately, this challenging time also brings many riches – if we’re willing to relax into them – starting with this gift of slowing down, stopping, looking deeper, getting a more full perspective.

Now is a rare opportunity to actually take stock; to think about what we’re doing to ourselves, to each other, in the world. This could very possibly bring about a massive awakening of consciousness, as we realise what our individual and collective health (or lack of it) tells us.

For example, many of us are realising that mainstream and conventional medicine don’t have the answers, and in fact might be causing more problems than they’re resolving…

It’s an intense transition to make, from having trusted a particular approach to understanding and treating our bodies, and believing in the structures, institutions and funding streams that support that approach. It takes huge courage and effort to change our collective direction on such a fundamental level.

Our ability to adapt and evolve, to move through the world whilst breathing it in, digesting it, breathing it out… our very ability to survive has a great deal to do with our immunity, which is essentially our very relationship with all things.

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So much blessed love and beauty to you today,

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