Our capacity to Co-Create is often used as a means of manipulation: ‘we create our own reality’ is flung about as a very unhelpful label on our struggles to comprehend where we end and the collective begins. It’s even used as a means to suppress our Feeling that something is very wrong – and that we actually have Immense Power in affecting positive change!

‘podcast’ (Living Voice Sharing) on Co-Creation

Hallo Beautiful Friend – welcome to my podcast today 🙂

Here, I’m speaking to how these times are Gifting us THE most beautifully lucid revealing of exactly how we are Co-Creating e v e r y t h i n g that is going on right now.

Our Co-Creative capacity is complex yes, but at the same time it is also infinitely simple – because our alchemical mastery of The Art Of Life is all about Flow, Ease, Harmony. The Way is simply The Way, and what Is Right is All-Ways Right. So once we get closer and closer to Core and Source, The Right Way is more and more crystal clear – and the wrong way sticks out like a very visible thing that is sticking out!

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Blessings to you in your Sovereign Everymoment,



Immunity, Sovereignty and The Living Boundary that Authorises us to Be In Harmony with All Things


Many labels that we have for ‘aspects’ of Our Self, Our Nature, and Our Experience in Life – are significant distractions from our moving always into our Potential.

Like ‘boundary’ – one of the many concepts that bring us into tense, effortful relationship with all things: we have a physical idea of a hard separation, and we focus our energy towards a preconceived ‘task’ of building something rigid, through force, to protect us…

Here are some Genuinely Alternative, Panoramic Views on what Real Boundary is; a Living, Interbeing of Vibrant, Whole Spirit-Full Life – finding Co-Creative Relationship with Every Thing we come into contact with.

Blessings on Your Day!

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Harvesting Women’s Energy

Beautiful Friend!

Here’s a big topic that I’m becoming increasingly passionate about unveiling and calling in Awareness around: my work has been centred on womb and deep feminine energies for a long time; our individual healing to Profound Wholeness and Harmony – and the capacity that this wakes up, for us to then ripple into the Collective.

It’s not that we’re not all having our energy harvested, BUT women’s energies in particular, by their wholistic and interconnected, sentient and cyclical, changing Nature-rooted-in-Bliss – we have been more comprehensively manipulated.

We’ve been more comprehensively manipulated, because in order to convince humanity that we are NOT mystical, immensely Powerful Co-Creators in a Divine Universe, there has to be a very extensive, effortful, tricksy oppression of Women first and foremost. If Women are enslaved, the rest follows.

Living Voice Sharing on Harvesting Women’s Energy

You may also hear this podcast via

If Women are convinced to contract instead of expanding orgasmically, to relate to thier bodies through fear and torture, to default to external compartmentalised ‘logic’ and ‘regulation’ rather than KNOWING THE BOUNTIFUL TRUTH OF HER VERY OWN BODY-MIND-SPIRIT… If Women are kept apart and confused, and clinging to their exposed condition of just-getting-by-on-crumbs… It’s relatively straightforward to harvest and profit from her unconsciously throwing her distracted attention, sweat equity, adoration and ‘authority’ anywhere but where it should be being channelled!

In this Living Voice Sharing, I’m speaking to some of my own experiences of questioning ‘authority’, and in particular, the false model of modern ‘philosophical’ ‘spirituality’ coming from the male, white ‘guru’ claiming to be working on the horizontal/ embracing the more ‘feminine’ ways of thinking and feeling… when in fact they’re using precisely the same conventional model – of hierarchy, distance, untouchability and unaccountability, which ultimately means an abusive harvesting of particularly feminine attention and energy.

There are innumerable new ways of thinking around how we remedy our current world situation and how we might collectively create a more beautiful world. In my holistic worldview, there are some that are embodied and genuinely for the benefit/ betterment/ improved health, wealth and prosperity of All (including All non-human life!) – but there are many also, which are leading us vastly astray from Knowing Our True Nature. The latter are masquerading as ‘solution’ when in fact – in hard, provable Fact – they are keeping folks in a state of passivity and separation, and frankly conspiring alongside the agenda to profit from keeping folks in the dark about their Real Power And Responsibility.


Here’s the Introduction from my New Book Of Paintings, which you can download by clicking right here:

“Real Art is a living, breathing presence; it has a life, an identity and a vitality all of its own, independent of its creator.”

Real Art also has an immunity to any projections onto it, and it serves to open, expand, and inform the Divine Intelligence Knowing Itself More Fully.

This is a book of photographic images taken from Living Paintings created by :Clare Living Woman, Creator and Visionary Artist. The paintings depicted here are from a body of work spanning several decades: a unique visual language that has evolved through dedicated practise to That Which Wants To Come Into Being. As you can read in the book, there are themes and stories, anecdotes and memories connected to each painting, but this can never definitively label or limit the art.

Due to the Free and Sovereign Nature of both my practise and the Art that I create, my Art is not bound by the compartmentalising or categorising that is so prevalent in the ‘art’ ‘world’. I chose from my earliest consciousness, a path of non-conformity and Freedom, rather than fitting in and submission: I’ve been tied into almost zero work contracts or commitments to regular ‘work’ roles during my WorkLife.

I chose as a young woman to follow Art, because I had crystal clarity in my early teens that it was the sole ‘career’ path (that I could see in my island village view of the world at that time!) in which I would reserve all my Rights and Freedoms. I could already feel the infringement on my Natural Identity, on Truth and on Expansive Learning and Unique Expression, which the ‘education’ system was pushing towards me: I intuitively rebutted this offer to contract and walked my own Sovereign path; thinking, moving, creating and existing In Flow, aligned with all inner and outer elements.

The past few beautiful decades of my Colour-Full Life have included barefoot subsistence in the Mediterranean, deep healing and transformation of Self and Collective in multiple communities, inspiring rather than teaching, effortless earning of Gift, union with Nature, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, and myriad other quiet adventures building energy and sharing the abundance of the Freedom that I Know.

My Art is Living, Breathing Truth, and it should be met as such. It is not a static object with a rigid, fixed story and I neither accept nor allow mainstream projections onto my Art. I Reserve and Occupy Fully all my inalienable Rights, e.g. to my Free Expression, to my Biodiverse Indigenous Embodied Consciousness as a Vital Integral Part of Us All As One, and my LifeWork as Truth Unveiler and Visionary Creator.

I’ve had a colour-full Life and Work in several ‘countries’ and ‘cultures’ painting, growing, making and inspiring energetic expansion. My Vibrant ‘non-mainstream’ Existence has led me to be protagonist in multiple projects and adventures, igniting communities, supporting healing, encouraging freedom of Divine Expression – harvesting and building Embodied Awakened Conscious in All That I do and Am, rather than having my Vital Force drained by conventional ‘norms’.

I Live In The Here and Now, and am unbound by the conditioned bonds to slavery that many accept and even defend. This Spontaneous Vibrant Presence-In-Now is Core to my Work and to Our True Identity – that of Spirit-Full Harmonious Alignment in Co-Creation with All Things.

My Art is Gift to the Collective Conscious, and as such is in Sacred Service to our True Well-Being. Thus, my paintings are not ‘for sale’ in the conventional ‘contractual’ sense of the ‘commercial’ and ‘legal’ cold transaction.

My Artwork may be exchanged for a monetary gift, bartered with other items or services that I need, subscribed to/ paid for over time via my Patreon or other gifting platforms, arranged in a mutually-beneficial agreement of some kind that we create together, gifted via crypto currency, gold, silver, etc.

If you feel called by my Art, or would love a particular Artwork in your Life, I am open to Living Conversation around this – contact me as below.” (For the full contact details, download the Book here)

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Blessings and Peace,

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We Should Listen To Women Much More!

Welcome dear friend

This Living Voice Sharing is around the feminine voice; the Truth of Women, the Song of the Womb… the uncorked, revered, respected, heard expression of the female perspective.

Female artists, writers, musicians, birthers, dancers, creators – when our Sacred, Whole Voice is brought into the world, welcomed, made space for – extraordinary magic can unfold.

It’s hard to envisage what we’ve lost over the millennia, throughout patriarchy, and throughout this long era of anti-natural and anti-feminine law-education-religion-politics-economy.

But we’re beginning to get a taste for what a world balanced with the Deep Feminine might be. The transition may even be happening in a straightforward, methodical, gentle and benign manner, as all things timely unfold; we might simply be stopping following false leaders, un-law-full patterns, disharmonious roles.

Already, many Living Women and Living Men are seeking horizontal, cooperative rapport-with-all-things – already great shifts are being made in regards to what we’re willing to tolerate or be coerced into. There’s an effortless movement into creative rather than forced Ways, and I Know that Women’s real experiences of Life are absolutely central to this.

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Blessings, Peace, Truth and Love to you,

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Is ‘Life Purpose’ An Oxymoron?

Beautiful Friend…

This ‘podcast’ or Living Voice Sharing, is around how our True Lived Meaning is distorted by the concept of our having to ‘find’ our ‘life’ ‘purpose’… The concept of ‘branding’, ‘labelling’ and ‘defining’ our Real Life – on paper, in soundbites, in digital formats.

The Art of Life, instead, is in our Creative Mastery of the depths of complexity and nuance of Living. If We can Comprehend a deeply-Lived Life as inherently Purpose-Full, the ‘purpose’ is not a ‘thing’ having to be proved, dumbed down or over-simplified – it won’t require a label or a categorisation…

Living Voice Sharing on Is ‘Life’ ‘Purpose’ An Oxymoron?

Pulling away the veils of the system and norms that we accept in mainstream, there’s a profound awareness that flows in, which effortlessly carries us to where we can best Be. There’s no pigeon-hole, box, role: we just do all that we are meant to do, with passionate abandon… peace-fully and happily.

This doesn’t meant that we never struggle, but our efforts most certainly are less torturous, more fulfilling.

performance in Caserta, Italy 2010


Every 1st of the month, I open my Arthouse Studio via Jitsi online meeting space online – check your local time via World Time Buddy here – we’ll meet for for between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how the session unfolds. Join me and others in co-creation. For more details on prepping for the session, see this post – or just turn up with colours and a surface to put them on; any kind of paint, pencil, pen or medium, and a good-sized solid surface.

You’re warmly welcomed: all levels of art experience – so long as you have the willingness to let go and to embrace the process of spontaneous unfolding!

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Walking a wild woodland path to a sacred place where I gather clean spring water yesterday, I was immersed in the riches of it all: the water was roaring out into the big stone tub and cascading down into the various levels below; the lower tubs were filled with a water-cleansing plant doing its work; I ecstatically soaked up the light and the powerful imagery of the panorama which inspires my art; beautiful dry wood was all around, waiting to be cut and carried for the kitchen stove; I walked home laden with riches that would nourish me deeply, and shining with vitality and well-being.

It came to me here, that the abundance that I’m experiencing so tangibly, is mostly conditioned out of us in these bizarre and contrary modern times: we fear winter and wish for year-round summer, and we celebrate in superficial ways our false abundance – sugar, alcohol, overheated homes and excess instead of reverence.

As I talk about in this vlogcast, we tend now to close the doors and huddle inside in the cold/ dark months, save our coins and splurge on things that don’t particularly nourish us – rather than finding the riches within and outwith our living bodies.

If we approach winter in awe and respect, in a Natural way, we can find immense treasure and Gift – listen here to how I do this:

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Where Do We Go Now

The fact that we all live in this constructed ‘reality’ that is based almost entirely on the privilege of the wealthy, white owner-of-a-phallus – so much so that even ‘god’ is depicted as a powerful, pale-skinned man – this means we’re all bound into not just speaking exclusively his language but giving our entire energetic resource and attention to his model of ‘the world’.

We’re all invested enormously in the genuine (though naive/ small-minded) collective belief that his power is a real authority, can tell us what to think/ how to feel/ when and where to act: it’s ‘the only option’ in a life of transactions and following-the-rest-of-the-flock, whilst wholly ignoring the effects of our ‘forced’ activities on the rest of Life.

This podcast touches on why our Real power – our sovereign state – is profoundly more potential than the patriarchal construct. We’re beginning to wake up to how our connectedness, our inquiring mind, our need for justice for all, our deepening values and ethics… how this is the true force: a force of nature that organically moves into harmonious symbiosis, rather than being a codependent element in a power-hungry artificial machine.

podcast on Where We Go Now

Much love and blessings,



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What Can We Do About All This FEAR?

These are genuinely unprecedented times: we’ve never been in this state of having us all so aware of the same thing at the same time; absorbed in and by it. So what can we do with all the adrenaline, over-stimulation and projection of negative scenarios and emotions that it’s bringing up for so many of us? Rather than it threatening to drown the world, surely there’s another option?

In this podcast I’ll talk about the fear (the psychological and emotional) aspect of this virus, prompted by Sama Morningstar’s brilliant blog on how disproportionate fear can be rooted in unresolved trauma. I’m adding to this discourse, suggesting that we’re all so accustomed to being in a high-tension state of depressed, atrophied ‘reality’ – that doomsday really is a relatively short step from our everyday.

During this lock-down time, we have the perfect container to allow fears to arise and to transform them. As the air clears of smog and our avalanche lifestyles slow to a gentle, rhythmic drip, our tensions can unfold in a way that was never possible when we were in the usual grind.

Naturally, effortlessly, our thoughts and inquiries can finally fully form, and so be let go of. We can begin, collectively, to make more conscious decisions about how we want to do this thing we’re doing on planet earth. Now we’re slowed down sufficiently, we can be more aware, feel more, get in tune with what needs to be done, rather than being in this perpetual hamster wheel, just because everyone else is… We can be aware of other options, perspectives, realities.

In my understanding and embodied wisdom, we have a clear choice right now: Fear or Freedom.

So much blessed love and beauty to you today,

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Women And Language


I felt a sentience around language rise up in the past year or so – centred around the embodied sense of my own not-yet-learned mother tongue, which would’ve anchored my intimate relationship with land, season, community and all things. I felt this all aligning inside me – a ripeness of it being ready to awake, and the unfolding of a wider view of the world, unrestricted by the rigidity of mainstream language norms.

A podcast with Tiokasing Ghosthorse reconnected this non-linear sentience with my front-lobe, conventional-logic mind. His elegant explanation around the quantum difference between his people’s Lakota language, and English confirmed my growing intuitive around indigenous languages, and what is lost when they are undermined – or violently oppressed (as with Scottish Gàidhlig): a people’s intimate relationship-with-all-things is so effectively, deeply censored, by their having a language of competition, separation, compartmentalising replace their own.

English in particular is a language rooted in Empire and subjugation of all things natural, papal power and assumption of supreme white man as god authority: this separates us profoundly from spirit, from feeling, from deeper knowing. A language with such roots also asks us to stay at the front of the brain pushing forward, to push from the front of the tongue and mouth forcing our will on the world. It makes us ignore heart and pelvis, and thus to lose the immense creative power of our being whole, and using the sum-of-our-parts as one great force for Life.

It’s powerful to live in a time when we are relearning the many languages that have been oppressed through destruction of our indigenous tongues: ecological, wholistic word-structures, the language of sentience and of the sacredness of Life, of the liberated mind-body-spirit – and the language of the deep feminine.

podcast on women and language, and the divine feminine

My own life has been blessed and enriched both through being immersed in multiple languages from countries other than my own (German, Greek, Italian), and through re-finding languages that I hadn’t understood earlier were so incredibly valuable, and necessary – languages with depth, meaning and treasure in them; the language of pain, the language of poverty, the voice of my pelvis and core energy source, and my own land’s mother tongue.

I spent at least 3 decades immersed in the intuitive-spontaneous act of making art, largely to gain alignment with Truth, with the synchronicity of Life – thus to stabilise and harmonise everything around me.

But what unfolded in parallel with this fluency in the language of the sentient world, was a proficiency in the language of the sacred feminine: this vital force so powerfully held in the dark from peoples’ lives, and so efficiently kept from our structures of power.

As I feel the language of the deep feminine flowing through me, via my knowing my own body more and more, through unblocking stuck patterns, through speaking emotion when it calls out, through finding throat-lungs-heart-mind interconnectedness via my mother-tongue… Through listening to the voice that flows through all things – I begin to be whole, and I become a part of a whole world again. Not a static, cold, dead world of ‘logic’ but a – vibrant, dynamic, alive world of Life.

I am an intimate part of this Life-full world, as we all are: we’re all movers within the intimate fabric of the world; through our knowing its vibration through our whole being – through speaking the True language of all things – we become fluent speakers of our indigenous wisdom.

And here’s an additional video on Learning A Language Successfully 🙂

I’ll be announcing openings in the new year for The Divine Creative mentoring programme, which will be supporting the immense creative potential of wise humans like yourself, in challenges like this reweaving of the divine feminine into our world… In the meantime:

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