I paint intuitively and spontaneously, rarely planning any image before the painting evolves. I allow myself to be immersed in a state of lucid relaxedness, to let whatever flows through, to come out. I’ve been drawing and painting consistently from the intuitive for over 35 yrs, and am fluent in my practise.

I was always more interested in creativity as a pure, positive force – a tool of transformation, using the deep creative force which is greater than the sum of all the parts.

I spent the first 20 years of my career just unlocking all the blocks and fears that put a stopper in my inherent creative genius (especially all the art school ‘education’) – expanding freedom in my everyday, painting with my full soul attention. I navigated from within, into a profoundly healing relationship with deep creative wholeness.

I travelled a lot, but lived in places rather than just visiting: immersing myself particularly in sacred places, languages, cultures, profound atmospheres.

Now, into my fourth decade of dedicated creative practise, I make paintings with a very lucid kind of waking-dreaming-visioning: my mind relaxes – I let go of controlling any outcome – and my imagination-intuition-memory-feeling form a harmonious movement, allowing paintings to come into being effortlessly.

My main focus throughout my art practise has been evolving consciousness – how we can heal deeply, by using art as a cathartic tool – then, when we are whole, how we can use art as a means of expanding further.

I know intuitive art practise as a tool for enhancing happiness, growing energy, exploring our potential as creative beings. I see art as a means of knowing the self (the microcosm) and thus knowing one’s purpose in the world (the macrocosm).

I believe that we’re vessels which permit a flux of creative energy to be harvested from both our core and the ether, and made into beautiful things: ideas, plans, solutions, inspiration, vision; colour, depth, meaning – and particularly, art.

If we harness that force and use it positively – if we open and strengthen ourselves to contain enough of this vital force – we blossom into our full creative self: a healthy human being!

Creativity builds a conscious loop, a harvesting circuit of energy, joy, positivity – which can then be radiated out into the world – through the self, through the art – much in the same way that the Microcosmic orbit, yoga, tantra, etc do.

Because I work deeply-intuitively, I rarely sketch or outline anything, before painting. And because of my high sensory and visionary sensitivities, I tend to take a long time to fully absorb a place, an atmosphere, a vision or idea – to make sense of things – to digest, and then respond. I work on many pieces and projects at once, often taking many years to finish a painting or book.

Sometimes it feels as though my paintings are being created by a mystical force, but I’m a bit too practical to think that way. Other times it feels like a celebration of a place, of the body, of relationship. Or prayer – an affirmation of colour, depth and meaning – between us and the land, between us and each other, between us and the divine.

My paintings are dense with feeling and meaning; my process alchemises layers of subtle interconnected elements, and speaks to a wholeness, a vitality that exists, and can exist more…

My art is essentially a spiritual practise: it aligns me with the synchrony in all things. Like clay resting in water overnight and becoming supple anew, or metal being annealed by heating it up to cherry red so that its molecules come into synch again. My art is a haven that allows me to antidote the intensity of the world, whilst accessing deep wisdom about how it all works, and how we can work with it all.