Artists more often than not give Our Gifts freely to the World! Our conditioning into consuming Art passively – rather than Co-Creating with It – means we take from Artists, without growing our collective energy.

We are supposed to All Be Thriving in Life and Vitality, in Co-Creation With Divine Intelligence and Each Other As One… Those of us outside of the mainstream Know this, and are Correcting the dynamic.

Giving Our Work as Gift; freely, generously, without contract or expectation – and without bondage to fear of failure, rejection, starvation, etc – is an enormous leap of Faith, but it’s a very necessary step in our collective evolution into Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Donate to the Thriving Life of a Living Artist: in donating just a wee monthly Gift to a Creative Being, you’re returning significant amounts of Colour, Depth and Meaning to the world.

Together we’re Re-Awakening Our Conscious Creative Capacity, with which we can make All Manner Of Better Things come into Being.