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fruit of the everymoment, painting on canvas, 2017

What’s happening right now has never been so multifaceted, so complicated-but-simple, and so hard to digest through the media. Particularly if we’re looking at the world through the filter of mainstream, it’s possible that we’ve never been exposed to such a dumbed-down, skewed, thin sliver of an aperture into reality… whilst our actual reality is rapidly aligning into symbiosis.

Like all of us, I’ve had blessed time to step back from the drama and the smoke and mirrors of ‘normal life’, to be able to see what I and we are doing – as well as what we can easily do much better.

Though I’ve dipped only occasionally into mainstream media – mostly finding it unbearably lacking in groundedness, wisdom or healthy leadership – I’ve noticed more and more censorship of truth around the whole affair.

drawing, 2010

Voices are rising up, solutions and better ways are being shared, but for the greater part, the multitudes are only hearing a self-fulfilling-prophecy of fear-tension-control… and the inevitable very painful consequences.

Here are two longer-than-usual podcasts bringing together a holistic, personal perspective on our times. It feels vitally important that people like myself – who live outside of mainstream thinking and fear-limitations – are heard in these pivotal moments, so we can collectively keep greater perspective.

Global decisions are now being made about everyone’s future, and if they’re being based on dumbed-down, aggressive approaches to the divine complexity of the human mind-body-spirit in symbiosis with this incredible self-regulating planet we live on… then we’re going to essentially be atrophying out of existence.

podcast on Now part 1
podcast on Now part 2

On the other hand, many of us are awakening to this forewarning we’re being blessed with, and are already steeped in new studies, practises, growing our own food, getting fresher air into our lungs, moving around more, thinking-acting-being more positive and pro-active.

I have faith that we were already moving away from the destructive, competitive, short-term vision, no-consequences-to-our-actions paradigm, and into a more harmonious relationship with all things.

It remains to be seen however, whether mainstream/ power structures can accept and honour our new conscious evolution. It genuinely appears that mainstream is insisting we all get onboard a raft-of-the-medusa, as it’s flung from wave to wave in increasingly dangerous waters… and a good chunk of our population is clinging on there.

self-evolution painting, 2008

Are they going to educate themselves in time, before the raft disintegrates? Are they going to recognise that there are other ways of treating disease, of approaching health, of creating well-being, which are entirely peaceful and non-drama-and-death-inducing?

I feel strongly positively that part of what what has been unfolding is that there has been an increasing collective movement away from the aggressive medical model – into more holistic approaches to our real health. This in itself has brought the unhealthy aspects of the modern medical approach to the surface: fear, control, tension, pain, symptoms downwards-spiralling out of control – as systems try to claw back stability, and immense bodies of profit try desperately to retain their manipulative grip on peoples’ health sovereignty.

But the truth is spreading virally and organically, just as the virus is. There are facts that can’t be hidden – like exosomes, complex RNA strands, and the mind-blowing differences in statistics… the vastly superior results from homeopathic treatment of pandemics.

One day soon, the majority of humans are going to recognise that we live on a profoundly intelligent planet, and that we are an integral part of that profound intelligence; that there are ways to work in symbiosis with the divine holistic forces all around and within us, rather than warring against them, as if they’re something alien and different to us.

Be alive, be informed, be awake!

Much love and blessings to you,

NOTE: I’m running a beautiful on-line workshop this weekend – through Vacation With An Artist – on releasing the fear body: find out more here.

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Creativity and Birth: Divine Creative Flow


The Divine or Sacred Feminine seemed like a theme ‘out of my league’ as I begin this challenge, but entering the creative Flow with an anchor as profound as this couldn’t help but bring some magic to light!

I immediately realised that the divine feminine has been at the core of my whole life-work, healing, purpose… and so this series endeavours to use that very immersion to transmit some practical wisdom or insight into what The Divine Flow really is.

It is genuinely mystical, sometimes even miraculous, what happens when we step into the creative void, with a lightly-held anchor like this. We all have access to the Divine, we all are embodiment of powerful creative expansive forces; there is no-one on this Earth who isn’t an energetic manifestation in flesh, and who doesn’t have the capacity to align deeper and deeper with their inherent ability as a kind of cosmic alchemist.

Radiance, painting on wood, 2019

We can understand this mystical miraculousness, by looking at the creative act: both the engagement in artistic immersion, and the immersion of a human womb-an in the ecstatic flow of birthing a child. Both pull away veils from our relationship with divine creative flow. Both demand significant self-awareness (or peace within self), surrender, willingness to allow the unknown to unfold.

And both are examples of human consciousness in union with The Infinite – whether you name that as a deity, see it as pure field of intelligence, or whatever – a real, tangible, omni-and-ever-present magic in all of reality, that calls us to commune in it.

In the unfolding of this Divine Feminine conversation, I’m becoming more and more aware of the limitations (and/ or possible potential for misinterpretation) of the patriarchal, polemic language that is modern English. It can feel clunky to speak about mystical shit with little nuggets of truth (with a small ‘t’!) that only hint at it, and that can only be accessed by someone nearby Truth, who just needs a wee tweak to help them delve into it… This language that so many of us are using, wasn’t designed to promote harmony and peace, joy and illumination! (blogcast number 4 in this series will discuss language-and-the-deep-feminine further)

As ‘mystical alchemists’ in this place and time, we have to be careful to assure that each word, each spoken sentence, is aligned with our deeper sentience and whole-bodied knowing in each and every moment. It’s about all of us, always, moving more into Flow…

This is hard to do, when we have always more veils to pull away within ourselves, and ever-more areas of numbness to re-enliven… We might feel that we’re not ‘there’ yet, or that we have to be really good at doing this before we should really let it happen… But there’s a certain equilibrium of feeling, of trusting and letting ‘something’ flow through us (through our own inimitable uniqueness) – not any old thing flowing through; being skilled enough in our human being to hold the space for ‘something’ Divine, something mysterious, special, whole, pure, True – and to let it be us, our biodiverse intimacy of beingness. It’s all about tweaking, really!

The more we do this, enter into divine Flow, the more mastery we have of it. And slowly, our life becomes filled with Flow, and we radiate Flow, bring things into Flow, however we interact with all things.

Creative Flow, Birth, Ecstasy – Divine Flow

I’ll be announcing openings in the new year for The Divine Creative mentoring programme, which will be supporting the immense creative potential of wise humans like yourself, in challenges like this reweaving of the divine feminine into our world… In the meantime:

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Blessings on your day, and on your creative expansion into the divinity of life,

art censorship, and what you can do about it

Hallo beautiful human – welcome to my new blogcast!

My art was censored and I was blocked from mainstream social media earlier this year, so had an extended period of reflection on what this means – on why the human body is being routinely classified as pornographic and offensive, and removed from common parlance.

Here are some thoughts around what a serious issue we have, allowing the wholesale censorship of art depicting-human-likeness. Ultimately, having the nude human form (our innocent self!) removed entirely from visibility enormously affects our relationship with our bodies, our consciousness and will, our sense of identity and ability to express ourselves in the world, and most importantly, it disconnects us from our core creative power.

Censorship like this consequently supports our detachment from deeper truth, leaving us very much open to manipulation and addictions – hence the movement towards the majority of us being super-dependent on consistent superficial over-stimulation, on rushing-and-tension as baseline ‘normal’.

We can do a lot to change this – and to rejuvenate our collective values – in particular by supporting art and artists, who are at the edge of all things, making our human experience larger.

Please consider being a patron to the arts (e.g. through Patreon); please make artists more visible through liking, commenting on and sharing their work online; please speak out about censorship, or even contact the corporations who are censoring (Facebook and Instagram are major culprits); and please tell artists directly – and tell other people! – that you value their work.

For every artwork censored, for every artist blocked from the language of the everyday, the world becomes less colourfull, more superficial, less rich and magical… Think about that, and do something about it!

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