painting from 1999

In this podcast, I’m speaking to the fact that we’ve all been conditioned to some degree or another, into having a power dynamic that doesn’t serve us, between our logic and our felt reality.


There are many, many facets to this conflict, and here I’m talking to how we’re increasingly bound into a kind of perpetual battle with a tyrant-like apart of our un-integrated greater power.

This ‘tyrant’ energy, of course, is a 2-way relationship or conversation: no tyrant exists in a void, without someone to beat down upon. And so it is with our modern psyche vs intuitive; we’re so profoundly embroiled in the illusion of our being a) inherently separate and b) obligated to exert enormous effort in keeping one aspect of self from affecting the rest of the self.

Our sovereignty, our freedom and our holistic vitality – ironically – comes from the very part of us that we’re in resistance to; the place in us that is numb or painful, out of sync or frictional, even dangerous or out of control

painting from 2000

There are innumerable ways in which we can step off of the battlefield with self, and instead step effortlessly into a peaceful, prolific and pleasurable garden.

Like with all True Healing, True Law, True Spirit-Full practise, The Way is always aligned with where we Naturally rest into as if it were already our own: that which feels like it is ‘meant to be’.

Our modern norms are sliding us collectively in very much the opposite direction to this Way of Nature; dragging us far away from that which resonates with Common Sense/ Law, pulling us into a package of orchestrated experience that is no longer even pretending to be Natural, True or Right – this accelerating descent is something that each one of us needs to unpack, non-consent to, and disengage from entirely – so we can all Live happy, healthy, fulfilled and peace-full Lives.


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on livestreaming from the Arthouse studio…

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Walking a wild woodland path to a sacred place where I gather clean spring water yesterday, I was immersed in the riches of it all: the water was roaring out into the big stone tub and cascading down into the various levels below; the lower tubs were filled with a water-cleansing plant doing its work; I ecstatically soaked up the light and the powerful imagery of the panorama which inspires my art; beautiful dry wood was all around, waiting to be cut and carried for the kitchen stove; I walked home laden with riches that would nourish me deeply, and shining with vitality and well-being.

It came to me here, that the abundance that I’m experiencing so tangibly, is mostly conditioned out of us in these bizarre and contrary modern times: we fear winter and wish for year-round summer, and we celebrate in superficial ways our false abundance – sugar, alcohol, overheated homes and excess instead of reverence.

As I talk about in this vlogcast, we tend now to close the doors and huddle inside in the cold/ dark months, save our coins and splurge on things that don’t particularly nourish us – rather than finding the riches within and outwith our living bodies.

If we approach winter in awe and respect, in a Natural way, we can find immense treasure and Gift – listen here to how I do this:

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clearing new paths

Hallo beautiful living men and women,

Here’s my podcast this week on clearing The Way – it relates to how we navigate these times from a place of connectedness and wholeness, and how Nature can help us do that.

podcast on opening new paths

There’s a sacred site that’s special to me, nearby Guardia, but accessible (until now) only by a drive of a few kilometres, and then a steep hike up a rocky hill.

There’s a huge stone in the shape of a lioness’s head and upper torso, and a beautiful wild spring. From what I know of local history, this was a place in which both religious and natural wise mystics (called janare or strege, which like ‘witch’, tend to have a negative connotation) would dance together.

I’ve talked about this place before on my podcast: the water source there in particular (you can hear a podcast around the importance of harvesting wild water – here), the beautiful old trees around the site, the views all around, the atmosphere and the power of the light and the landscape…

I found the beginnings of a path some years ago, and had walked it with friends who love the wild woods, sitting with our tea and biccies, enjoying the ambience… We’d chatted about trying to connect up the path again.

The idea sat quietly in me for a while, as our dreams of visions sometimes do, waiting for the right moment. I was afraid of stepping onto someone’s land, or meeting angry sheepdogs, or something – and held back because of feeling it’d be too big a job on my own to delve into the undergrowth.

But it called and called to me, and recently I felt an urge that simply had to be responded to with an action: being told to go and open this Way. I asked couple of close friends to join me, and we started out with saws and forbice, and my friend’s elderly dog to keep us on track.

It took a few hours, chopping back brambles and hawthorns, clambering along narrow animal trails that traversed the steep hill, finding the less effortful way around a huge limestone boulder… we stepped up out of a clay-muddy wood into the field by La Leonessa.

The sense of energy freed up is enormous; this potential sentiero, that had been asking to be reopened – reconnecting with these natural woodlands, when most other walks near the town go through cultivated land, or places where folks hunt a lot – the sense of having a place to worship nature uninhibited – the exercise on multiple levels – the bright air washing our systems clean.

It is so awe-inspiring to think of the healers who have walked a similar route before us, and who might have planted the apple trees, the sacred hawthorns, the wise oaks.

Feeling the transmission of the journey on foot, each time I walk it; it’s transformative. I feel answers coming where before there were the walls of a terrorised mind. I feel old wisdom that wanted to come through me as a child but was beaten out of me, stirring and opening the gates of my senses. It feels Right, in an atmosphere of everything-out-of-kilter, where all that was solid is being pulled out from under us.

The fears that held me back for years from opening this path, seem silly now. And this reminds me that all new paths feel impossible, or we find reasons to not take them… and we stay in the very same rhythms and patterns our whole existence, having essentially the same experience, and very little growth.

These times ask us all to be a wee bit braver than usual, and to step into a new track, a new way of being, a new paradigm that wants and needs us to walk it.

EVERYTHING that we do in the world is metaphor that echoes out from us doing it: everything has a power of meaning – or not. The more consciously we participate in everything that we’re doing, seeking the meaning and the rippling positive effect of it, the more we actively listen to and act on signs; the more the Universe sings back to us. Our dance with Life was NEVER meant to be this torturously empty, constructed-manipulated monstrosity that we perceive to be ‘normal’. If we look for the signs, Life is in everything, waiting to be activated.

So much love, and blessed days to you,

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intro to harvesting wild mushrooms

For the past months I’ve been racking my brains daily for how best to communicate about the world situation: what’s the most important practical advice, what are the deeper underlying stories, where is the meaning in all that’s happening, and what can we do/ be to alter the profoundly destructive course that we’re on?

This month’s podcast is on mushrooms, wild foraging and consciousness.

I rarely create without divine inspiration – without a whole-body-yes calling to a particular subject/ direction/ dimension. So I was waiting, during this tumultuous time of unfolding psychosis, paranoid-hysterical-misplaced controls and superstitious rituals, for a feeling around the Gift that it is my work to share, and this came clear and ready-to-pop-out: wild mushrooms.

Rather than painting over the past months, I’ve been studying; common law, Italian law, DPCMs, human rights, v a c c i n e s, RNA, the absolute unreliability of testing, the modern understanding of the whole immune system, DNA modification, nano-technologies, surveillance, loss of genetic sovereignty/ identity, legal non-consent, Natural law, and the extent of the manipulation being played out via the mainstream. It’s all reality-altering stuff.

Doing something about it all, however, requires stability, calm, honour… and a profoundly larger perspective; roots planted firmly in the soil of this incredible holy planet, and energies radiating outwards and upwards into the subtle world. This requires, above all, solitude in nature and alignment with bigger forces for Life, so that we can cultivate a true vitality, alertness and well-being.

There’s a profound difference in being aligned with – let’s call it ‘holy-planet-conscious’, and the complex interdependence of solutions and remedies needed (to cure our active state of global dissonance) – or being focussed on ‘the problem’ (as perceived through the conventional media). In the latter , our vibration stays low, and it actually supports – holds space for – the agenda (or ‘the problem’); it effectively compounds the issue, blocking it from dissipating like it naturally wants to.


So here are some thoughts on why mushrooms – the non-cultivated variety that one has to know intimately about before seeking them – are part of the bigger picture – and thus part of the solution.

This is a podcast introduction to wild mushroom harvesting as a means of nourishing and maintaining a holistic consciousness.

podcast intro to wild mushroom harvesting

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MUCH love, blessings, freedom, vitality and power to you – be truly wholly well, be deeply and widely aligned,


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consent, freedom, health, law… Truth

Can the truth be true, if you’re being selectively fed a tiny sliver of a much bigger and darker picture, and that tiny sliver is a specific manipulation of your fears, in order to pull you – consenting – into an organised destruction of your very health, mental freedom, liberty to move around and make choices, your very capacity to consciously exist?

podcast on consent, freedom, health, law… Truth

This is a rhetorical question; ‘truth’ is not Truth if it’s neither whole nor pure – if it’s not for our benefit or our well-being, but it is masquerading as such.

Perhaps we’ve been conditioned over the centuries, into believing in truth as a solid, impenetrable, fixed, permanent thing – with a oneness to it – there can be no arguing or presenting alternative views.

Of course, the most basic mind tricks and optical illusions can prove to us how easily our brain is tricked into seeing one thing rather than another: Truth is fluid, complicated, biodiverse and accumulative: our collective Truth is more than the sum of the parts – it is wide, deep, dynamic and alive.

The greater Truth of a basic ‘truth’ or widely-held ‘facts’ is in the WHY – why are we being told such things? – e.g. to what end are we being asked to consent to seemingly inconsequential but ubiquitous restrictions, controls, surveillance and compromises?

SYMPTOMS ARE GIFT conversation with Shelly Garrison, homeopath
listen to the SYMPTOMS ARE GIFT as a podcast

When we study deeper and further into the future, if we understand the agenda – i.e. the current, the short-term and the long-term objectives of our compromise – we can begin to comprehend that ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ are a pale imitation of a holistic and open-eyed, open-minded worldview.

A holistic, dynamic perspective allows us to understand Truth as an active reality; one in which we both participate and co-create, and which in turn affects and moves us.

a video around Living In the Gift from our community on Hive.blog of the same name: 21 reasons why covid is a great gift for humanity

Unfortunately, our average existence is conditioned into such a state of non-creative, such passivity and bondage, that the next steps in our collective atrophy will seem perfectly logical – we might even defend them, most ironically, as if our lives depended on it.

So… what to say, in our currently-widely-accepted as ‘necessary’ ‘reality’ of fear, anxiety, isolation, restrictions and surveilling? I’d begin with the question: what is real health, and how can I strengthen my own and my loved ones’ vitality and well-being?

In my Life experience and my significant journey to whole health and vitality – and with what I know from studying modern science and holistic medicine – fear, anxiety, isolation, restrictions and surveilling are prime ingredients for mental-physical-emotional-spiritual dis-ease – they are most certainly neither short-term or long-term solutions to any health challenge.

So starting with that, I’d go on to question who is actually creating this fear, anxiety, etc – and to what end? There are plenty of answers – long chains of influence and power-playing, complex mining of data in order to manipulate on a planetary scale, a horribly-visible end-game that it’s pointless referencing here, until you’re ready to pull away the veils….

At the same time: there is a rapidly-expanding illumination of our interbeing; a global awareness of the actual agendas in play, a freeing of the polemic mind, and a stepping into collective-conscious healing, empowerment and positive action.

We have never lived in times like these: we are in the midst of potent transformation – for good and/ or for not-good (i.e. for dishonourable profiteering and destruction of the natural lives of a large percentage of our planetary population). Our very creative capacity as living, breathing, reasoning and honour-full men and women is mortally threatened in this very moment. If you still think that the systems and processes in our modern world are benign forces of convenience, that they care for us and are trying to protect or even serve us… you are terribly, awfully, massively-negative-consequences mistaken. That is the Truth, whether you see it yet, or don’t want to ever.

Choices made now – from small, manipulated ‘facts’, being piped into us 24/7 through all mainstream channels – are likely to literally decide the fate of billions globally. Please look deeper, please ask the pertinent questions that should be being asked, and please join forces with others who are seeking solutions, health, vitality and freedom for all.


My super-special offer on paintings is continuing indefinitely, as the world economy continues to spiral and buck… download my catalogue below, which has been updated.

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MUCH love, blessings and power to you – be truly wholly well, be deeply and widely educated, be empowered and be free,



Further reading and viewing, as mentioned in the podcast:

If you think that the mining of your online data is a relatively inconsequential procedure; get informed about what it really means, and how there is intentional wholesale interference in our very perception of reality: understand how surveillance capitalism is controlling our world to dark ends

Uncensored information on a variety of the issues around C o v i d and v a x agenda: Questioning Covid – please note that it’s not abut which side we’re on, but about knowing the full height and depths, beyond the superficial narrative and misleading ‘science’

The uncomfortable Truth around the ‘p l a n d e m i c’ (and updated part two of this film can be found here) *I’ve just been banned from F***book for sharing this powerfully informative film* …and the disturbing facts behind current v a c c i n e developments which are already being tested on vast numbers of unwitting volunteers

The Line In The Sand webinar covers up-to-date news from around the globe on what is actually happening right now with the agenda being rolled out – and will give you a sense of hope around what we can do to avoid this incoming catastrophe

Learn about homeopathy and how it has been healing (i.e. halting) pandemics for centuries: a solid place to begin would be USA-based Free And Healthy Children International and/ or 24/7 Homeopathy (worldwide). Note that there are multiple solutions to C o v i d that are well-documented, but are being aggressively censored and hidden from public knowledge by pharmaceuticals

Natural law and non-consent, common law – how we align with highest laws that free us from oppression …and ultimately from forced depopulation: Solutions Empowerment

On that subject; understand what your strawman is – this is probably the most important link to gaining a clear perspective in all of this: further explanation (it is fairly mind-boggling!) is in this podcast around how the whole illusion came about – what we’re actually consenting to in the everyday

The Hive.blog or PeakD decentralised, uncensored, crypto-paying social media collective – begin your journey away from the blinkered, white-bread world of mainstream social media – meet open minds, hearts and spirits, and have sane conversations about both current events and where we go from here

finding the wisdom in what’s happening

It’s hard to speak about such a different reality than what mainstream is presenting, when status quo narrative is rapidly becoming full-to-bursting with closed-mindedness and sniping, lies, agendas and general untruth.

This is a video and a (separate) podcast around the increasing pressure there is to our waking up. Not just educating ourselves more deeply-widely-long-termly, but acting on our expanding awareness: speaking, writing, sharing, learning about laws, knowing where we’re going, and finding fellow travellers who are confidently moving towards… LIFE.

vlog on How I see what’s going on right now…

There’s so much ignoring or poopo-ing around even suggesting that there’s stuff happening behind the scenes of the whole c o v i d drama: so much projection of ‘mad’ or ‘dangerous’ onto those of us blowing whistles… stones thrown at those of us alerting the collective to the allopathic bulldozer crushing towards us… Even our asking simple questions of the terribly perverse ‘logic’ being pumped into the psyche of the world, can get us insults and threats.

podcast on Keeping In The Divinity Of Truth

Part of what’s so wrong with modern life is our inability to think, act and take responsibility for ourselves; we delegate our well-being into the hands of external agencies. What might have originally been perfectly logical and useful structures to free our time and energy for leisure and luxury… have morphed into forces against the very people who prescribe to them.

This is an illustration of our immense power to create, inverted: our creative power is both invisible to us, and distorted against us – our divine creative flow is frozen.

Our collective power being invisible, and being contorted against us – this might have one of these consequences: either our spiralling out of control into end-of-days chaos, as we accept the ultimate controls over our lives and aggressive intrusions into our/ others’ natural health – a descent into an atrophied form of human living…


Our being forced to consider that this all seems an untrustworthy exaggeration of truth, and thus to recognise that there must be a more to this story than meets the eye… and to eventually connect with other wise-ethical-passionate humans who are working towards positive solutions rather than The Final Solution.

We all have an immense, inimitable creative power to bring great good and LIFE into being – to grow energy, to accumulate vitality and inspiration, to share love and enthusiasm and connectedness. to find solutions to anything that comes our way. Our creative power is awakened through our whole being getting unblocked and then activated – the sum of the parts becoming something greater than the disconnected self.

Whereas our destructive and atrophying-of-life tendencies are accumulated through our fear-tension-pain: when we’re in high anxiety, we can be herded easily into cowering compliance, because we’re convinced that the only solution is fighting tooth and nail against a common enemy; anyone who isn’t with us fighting at all costs, is on the side of the enemy.

This differences in these two dynamics might be something to consider, to ruminate on, to look deeper into. In relation to Truth, to our creative power, and to our future being healthy and natural – or even existing at all, it feels important that we bring consciousness into the choices and the consents that we’re currently making.

For further reading, as mentioned in the podcast:

Uncensored information on a variety of the issues around C o v i d and v a x culture/ psychosis: Questioning Covid

Learn about homeopathy and how it has been healing and halting pandemics for centuries: a solid place to begin might be USA-based Free And Healthy Children International and/ or 24/7 Homeopathy (worldwide)

Natural law and non-consent to allopathic oppression of our health: Solutions Empowerment

The Hive.blog or PeakD decentralised, uncensored, crypto-paying social media collective – you can being your journey away from the blinkered, white-bread world of mainstream social media, on a platform like this – it’s very different to F***book and the rest!

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MUCH love, blessings and power to you – be well, be educated, be empowered and be free,



The ‘ But I can’t find people like me!’ Mantra

There are many reasons why we isolate ourselves, but there’s a particular trait of well-meaning, passionate, creative humans who are keen to find their tribe and get on with making the world waaaaay more beautiful, fair and harmonious…

The state of being ‘unable to find people like me’ is a form of rigidity, a mental prayer that emanates into the world… It’s a sign of our having decided inside our self, that we are ‘different’ (perhaps even ‘better than’, or in the least ‘more’ something or other than) those around us: we’ve defined a line, a wall, a void, between us and ‘anyone’ or ‘everyone’, which in essence precludes our connecting with them.

This preclusion of connecting with others is one of the most central issues to our contemporary suffering and unhappiness: it very physically sets us apart and keeps us from reaching out or making the link between us and them.

And the fact that we’ve categorised literally ‘e v e r y o n e’ around us – using whatever genre, political label, ethics field, set of values or non-values, etc, etc – means that we’re working mentally rather than whole-body-mind-spirit-edly.

Our tendency to overuse our ‘logical’ mind, whilst under-using our immense creative symbiosis (with all other humans, life forms, elements and objects on this planet and beyond…) is a conditioned behaviour very much tied into the capitalist, consumerist ‘reality’. We begin with a general idea like ‘I am isolated’, and we build evidence for it and feel into it as it’s a modern theme of our culture.

We eventually amass an overwhelming amount of ‘proof’ that we are ‘unable’ to find friends or confidants, collaborators or even good neighbours, not realising that it’s our own unwillingness to interweave and inter-be, that is making it so. This fits in beautifully to the collective mythology of us being separate individuals in our little box homes, and having literally nothing to do with even those that we live in close proximity to…

Over our lifetime, this atrophies our natural, inherent connectedness – like a bound foot accepting the limitation of the bandages which is preventing us from walking, leaping, running.

In this podcast I talk at length as to why this is all another aspect of our self-imposed smallness; how our connectedness comes through humility, willingness to listen and see and feel, and an unrelenting passion to keep connecting until the other person opens up.

podcast on the ‘But I can’t find people like me!’ mantra

The conditioning of our being ‘different’ and ‘separate’ is one of the most powerful tools in our disempowerment: it keeps us from freeing not only our own immense positive-creative field, but it blocks our working collectively and freeing up the natural force of good that comes from humans working together for a more beautiful world.

Much love to you all!



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we are infinite being, manifest

The last podcast – and this one – are particularly long. The subject of divine alignment with health-vitality-life-purpose, etc itself is neither complicated nor hard to access… But all that we’ve constructed and/ or accepted between us and our health, is.

So in order to ‘get to’ profound alignment with our amazing inherent dynamic fruitfulness, we’re obliged to dismantle a load of detritus that’s in the way.

Again, this essentially isn’t complicated: it simply requires gentle, methodical commitment to pleasure – a daily tweaking and re-navigating; from our culturally-sanctioned rut of stagnation and stupidity, to our unique path of expansion.

Moving into health and wellness is about questioning and deconstructing everything around us – understanding much more deeply how everything both affects us and is affected by us. It is so easy, because it is a holistic perspective, a natural one – rather than a forced, compartmentalised one.

By definition, it is much more effortful to be separate from ourselves/ the world/ divine flow, than it is to be connected – it’s just that we’re generally more familiar with being detached.

The potent thing is, that every step towards our better alignment, has the whole universe, the whole of nature, the whole of our more beautiful future, behind it. Once we become more familiar with this Flow, it accelerates and gathers miraculous power – and it becomes much clearer the psychosis of our collective disconnection.

The vital, more difficult step is releasing our belief in vibrant health or self-realisation being ‘something’ ‘out’ ‘there’ and hard to find the path to, rather than an integral essence of us that wants so very much to be whole.


If you are interested in how we can use our everyday to liberate this infinite creative/ healing/ empowering potential that resides in our very body – join me for these online workshops with VAWAA – the first is a 4-session of deepening our deep intuitive and the second is a ‘repeat’ workshop in transforming tension via mark-making specifically for folks not in the USA – Australia, India, Europe, Asia, Africa – I hope to see a new audience there!


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Much love to you all!


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what’s so fundamentally wrong at the heart of modern medicine?

Hi beautiful people!

I’m extremely inspired after a weekend with old and new friends from different cultures, all talking deeeeply about life, spirituality, health, politics, etc!

Here’s a podcast that I just made, on what’s so fundamentally wrong about modern medicine – and what it takes to step into our divine health sovereignty…

What stops many beautiful humans from focussing on a Real Health path, is that the house-of-cards that is modern medicine is so aggressively uncompromising. We’re literally hounded night and day into believing in a system that is e v e r y w h e r e – it’s genuinely difficult to remove ourselves sufficiently to even think and feel clearly, what is happening in our body-mind-spirit.

Our lifestyles, dictated for the major part by economic concerns, don’t allow us the space to even consider what being well is, never mind supporting us to develop practises for the vibrant health of our whole being.

This means that – by default – modern life is profoundly at odds with our true well-being. The norms, the structures and rhythms, the medical philosophy – all have an element of distortion-of-reality in them, in that they insist that we substitute our real priorities for artificial ones that are absolutely contrary to our actual happiness, fulfilment, healthfulness.

Once we realise this, it’s relatively simple to step into a healthier dynamic, but this does involve stepping completely out of the majority of conventional norms, and taking what might be seen by mainstream as a ‘radical’ path.

Radical of course means ‘of the root’ or ‘rooted’, which is a vital aspect of being a human: being able to ground oneself, and take nutriment from the earth… In these times of increasingly distorted perception and manipulation, it is a sign of good health that more of us are becoming more radical!

In unfolding this incredibly complex and far-reaching subject of health sovereignty, I realised a whole other layer, which I’ll be making a new podcast and/ or video around very soon… In following this inherently flawed approach to vitality and well-being, we blind ourselves – very literally – to what our health should and CAN be… Speak to you again about that!


IF you are interested in how we can use our everyday to liberate this infinite creative/ healing/ empowering potential that resides in our very body – join me for these online workshops with VAWAA – the first is a 4-session of deepening our deep intuitive and the second is a ‘repeat’ workshop in transforming tension via mark-making specifically for folks not in the USA – Australia, India, Europe, Asia, Africa – I hope to see a new audience there, if the hours have been prohibitive before now.

Much love to you all!


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