Below is a Living Voice Sharing (‘podcast’) around what Holistic Immunity is. We’ve been conditioned into believing our ‘immunity’ to be a somewhat binary reactive process – something that some folks are blessed with, but ultimately a relatively flimsy veil between us and an ever-aggressive external reality, which wants to devour our frail physical body from the inside out!

Having transformed my own Health and Holistic Well-Being, and stepped into Sovereignty of my Time, Energy and Thinking, I have a wider, Living View of Immunity. 

I Know True Immunity as a Relationship far Greater than the point where our senses touch the air and affect each other. 

Stepping Ever-Deeper Into Sovereignty, We Naturally Align in Symbiosis with our Environment through Natural Law, and thus we come into Creative Union with All Things around us. 

‘Immunity’ then becomes Inseparable from a Whole Spectrum of Discernment; We Are Able to Gravitate to or from Things that We Need to Nourish Us. We Are Able to Effortlessly Avoid That Which is Harm-Full to Us. We Are Able to Efficiently Digest What Passes Across the Threshold of Our Being, and Let Go Of Any Thing That is Toxic or Not Use-Full.

But Our Body-Mind-Spirit is Always Communing Perfectly with Divine Intelligence/ Great Spirit/ God, and Is Also Always Communicatng Perfectly Clearly With Us. 

A ‘lack of immunity’ in the perceived-immune-‘system’ will always be illustrated across the Layers of Our Life: Our Sovereignty is Always Fully Ours, Even When We are ‘obbligated’ or ‘coerced’ into ‘giving it away’. The State of Our Well-Ness is often an indicator of How Distorted We’ve been ‘manipulated’ into ‘being’.

Our Work in All Of This, Is To Fully Be Present in Whole Self – which does involve a fair bit of deconditioning, dearmouring and unwinding of Truth, but Every Sacred Step of Which is A Step Out Of Distortion and Into Bliss. Those Are The Facts As I Know Them, In Natural Law.

How Can We Unravel What’s Really Happening? The Art Of Life  Beautiful Friend Many folks are starting to  open to the Facts and Evidence around the long-standing agenda against  human Life on on this planet – not quickly enough to halt the suffering  and death that’s rolling out under that agenda. But there is promising  movement. The  rate at which we’re able to disentangle ourselves from the covid hoax,  and to recognise it as the tip of a veritable planet-sized iceburg, will  measure the merit of our consciousness – or our lack of it. As unpleasant or uncomfortable as it might seem initially, it is All of Our Responsibility to stop the trajectory that humanity has been on for so long. It’s also Within All of Our Power to turn it around, and to instead start working towards the Life that was our Birth Right: Vibrant Health, Natural Freedom, Sovereignty, Truth, Transparency and Justice. Even  those of us who believe in pharma, top-down aggressive controls, deep  bureaucracy and coercion – even those of us most oblivious to and most  benefiting from the current status quo in which our souls are enslaved  to such ugly diminishment of the Bounty we could be Living – we are each  and every one of us profoundly Responsible for the Reality that we’re  holding in place collectively. I’m  passionate about how we present evidence in the Way that can best call  us all to be more conscious of the part that we’re playing; there is  almost always an anecdote, a word placed well, an emotion channelled  rightly, strategic use of humour. Our  Sacred Co-Creative duty is in finding the Right Action, planting the  seed or the seed thought, making Connections and radiating Truth. Our  Sacred Duty is not to sit numbly or blindly, distracted or occupied with  trivialities, whilst our planet, cities and even our very  mind-body-spirit is being consumed by raging inferno. The  Blessed Life of Humanity has never known a time of more stark contrast  between what mainstream is saying and what is actually happening: thus,  there has never been a time where it has been more visible what is  really wrong with the world. It is most certainly Time to Notice and to  Use our Power and Responsibility. Blessings All Rights Reserved, None Given :Clare
  1. How Can We Unravel What’s Really Happening?
  2. We Should Listen To Women Much More!
  3. Is ‘Life Purpose’ An Oxymoron?
  5. Money – part 8

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Death: Expansion Or Contract?

painting from 2000, Healing, Letting Go – around Ben’s death

Death: Expansion or Contract?

With ‘death’ having been held over our heads as a means of coercing us into compliance in every which way lately: our intense fear of years passing, of infecting vibes and germs being in the air or coming from others’ mouths towards ours, our resistance of ‘the end’ by desperately clinging to ever-more-complete submission to false medicine – we could be forgiven for getting lost in the fable of scarcity, finality, and the physical body being our defining limitation.

You can listen via this voice file, Or, go to the ClareAndTheArtOfLife podcast!

This Living Voice Transmission (formerly known as a ‘podcast’!) is questioning our relationship with End of Life; the Divine Difference or Contrast between viewing ‘death’ as a definitive finishing point of ‘all things’ and of our ‘identity’ Or, Our Living Knowing of Life as Eternal Now, and Our Changing, Evolving Reality – in Life and Beyond Life – as Being the Infinite Divine Intelligence Knowing Itself.

These Thoughts come from my Embodied Being, In This Life-Time; Having Come Close to Death – The Sacred Passing-Over – in My Own Bodily Existence, As Well As Having Been Intimate to Close Friends and to Close Family, As They’ve Passed Over.

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Defining ‘Woman’

Living Voice Transmission on Defining ‘Woman’

Coming back around in a cyclical, seasonal way, to the subject of Defining Woman – in the context of All That Is Unfolding In Our World… Knowing Our Selves As Woman and as Women Collective calls us to dissolve our need to control, label, define.

Woman’s very Fluidity, Change-Full-Ness, comes from the Natural Fact That We Own Cycles, That We Shed and Menstruate, and Thus We Change – Our Consciousness Ebbs and Flows Like Tides, and Our Empathy Allows Us To Merge Consciousness, Share In Vulnerability, Hold Deep Meaningful Space For Others.

The Sacred Lineage Of Never-Broken Womb-Connection – Womb-Within-Womb-Within-Womb, Reaching Back Into The Impossible Depths Of Time – Carrying Through This Life-Blood-River – Embodied, Sentient, Knowing. This is Some-Thing That We Are Only Beginning To Recognise. It Is. It Is Some-Thing That Cannot Be Quantified, But Must Be Felt. Some-Thing Know-Able Through Feeling.

Activated Embodiment is Some-Thing that our spoken and written language of front-lobe dictator-ship cannot acccept – that it wants to hold ‘authority’ over, but of course it cannot. It can only coerce – temporarily – through shaming into the fear-tension-pain spiral. And even then, We Eventually Tire of Those Dizzying Loops and Spontaneously Find Our Taproot Again.

This Voice Sharing is an Aspect of My Own Unfolding Of Sacred, Embodied Power as Woman.

All Rights Reserved, None Given,

What Is Right, and Inalienable Rights

What Do We Identify With/ What is our Identity? One snapshot in the Eternal Now; representing my power through my reflection in a red pool – conscious returning Blood to Earth

What Do We Identify With? Where does our identity limit us, contain us, make us something static and dead rather than something Living and Breathing of Flesh and Blood and Sentience? This is a podcast on the complex interrelationship of coerced consent to our own ever-more-limited experience of Life.

I’m talking here about ongoing expansive exploration into Self – into the Nature of our ‘human’ ‘life’ and how it can and SHOULD be so much more beautiful, pleasureful and symbiotic. I’m speaking to the Fact that we get stuck in our growth, our expansion, at specific points – usually manipulated by the agenda to keep stuck in those points; contracted, in contraction or tension of identifying/ focussing all our lifeforce on that issue or specific ‘concept’ – when our True Nature is biodiverse, vibrant, colourful, balanced beauty-in-conscious-action.

RainbowHead Man, a small painting created between 2002-9 Masculine power activating through natural syntropy of conscious relationship with All Things In The Eternal Now

I’m sharing some snapshot digital images of living paintings and scenes from my Life: to illustrate the concepts unfolding in the podcast – what do we ‘copyright’ or control about Life? Where do we limit our identity by contracting with others in labelling/ separating Life into false categories? Where can we keep moving deeper, wider, higher – rather than getting stuck in a loop of righteous rather than Right, Natural (Living) Belief and Conscious Living Action rather than automated, repetitive reaction.

detail of a small painting from 2009: RainbowHead Couple: snapshot of conscious Creative Flow of awareness around Shared Expansiveness Through Love

The ‘copyrighting’ of the Natural, Ephemeral Rainbow, for example is a powerful illustration of how we lose site of the metaphor of the Living colour spectrum in action: it’s True Nature as a dynamic relationship between our mind, eye, position on the Living Earth, and the light of sun touching and acting through humidity and space-time. The power of the rainbow as medicine – as embodied, liberated Gaia-Sophia consciousness in Living Action through Us, is greatly diminished by the colonisation of ‘rainbow’ as a fixed concept into a flag and ‘movement’.

These subjects have huge relevance at this time, when we’re increasingly being constrained into smaller and tighter versions of ‘reality’, and more aggressive trespasses over our boundaries of thinking-being-feeling-knowing. It’s powerfully important to keep the Real Movement in our Living Expression of Life on this planet, rather than passively consenting to its accumulated dumbing down, interference and effort-full manipulation by a Life-destroying agenda that we all pay into.

Thank you for listening, witnessing and sharing!

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Activating Infinite Health

The prevailing myth of our current collective ‘normalcy’ is that our body is inherently flawed, without vital force or taproot into the Divine, and dependent on perpetual interference and, ultimately, absolute medicalisation.

This podcast speaks to the Truth of our enormous potential to heal ourselves: how all that we need is within us, how we have access to unlimited free energy at all times, how each of us has a unique path to our enlightened health – and how only a truly whole-istic and personal approach can bring us back to our Self.

I feel that we can best activate each others’ healing, through sharing openly and without inhibition, our own expansive healing journey; what works for us to bring us back to alignment and harmony, can work through symbiotic resonance with another.

Anything and everything that we do right now remove ourselves from the herding of humanity into pharmaceutical Armageddon, is a step towards Life and global harmony. We’re ripe for this shift in direction: it’s never been a more important time to share and speak out about the real nature of Healing and Health, and our words and openness have never had a more potent and beneficial effect on the planet.

Blessings on your vibrant health awakening,

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This podcast speaks to our wild self, our wild nature, and to how our wildness has been not just tamed but methodically shamed the fuck out of us. And how we’re very much the worse off for this.

In the context of our nature, health and well-being, the wild has been stigmatised for generations, but no more so than now – where the sacred act of breathing freely is considered ‘wrong’ and even outlawed. The raising of our voice to speak our spontaneous Truth has similarly been systematically cornered and captured, through schooling, workplace norms and societal conditioning: our minds have been closed and placed under observation, as if we were a beast out to gobble up children.

The quelling of our wild self has happened imperceptibly – to those of us not looking-listening-feeling – robbed from us, and with it has disappeared our vitality, intuition, autonomy and sovereignty. Not for all of us, but for a large swathe of the population who feel ‘safer’ medicalised, bleached, pre-programmed, and with every element of our very Lives dictated and surveilled.

As I’ve talked about at length in previous podcasts, the dark, wild, shadow self is something that we can either live in symbiosis with – or fight to the death with. The mainstream option is ‘obligatory’; life is struggle, and we are expected to flock together in tension and terror, to combat this frightening place we find ourselves born into, effort-fully striving to make sense of the chaotic maelstrom that has been ‘normalised’.

However, many of us know that this ‘normalised striving’ is a very poor alternative to Living A Natural Life; that actually, Natural Law and Living in tune with one’s surroundings and each other, is not only possible, but it is infinitely preferable. Many of us living women and men know – not from a detached, fed-to-us-by-media ‘knowing’ but from a deep, embodied, holistic Knowing – that we are meant to be so much more than this… and the ‘more’ is intimately entwined with our wild or dark side.

When the wild is fully integrated in us we have access to power, synchrony, forces of divine creative genius, energy, inspiration, peace and love… When it is denied, we have disease, psychosis and chaos.

It’s not about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but about what we actually want to create. Because whether we’re conscious of it or not, we ARE CREATING THIS REALITY: we’re participating in systems, patterns, behaviours, hierarchies and customs that are bringing about the symptoms that we collectively are currently experiencing. If we want True, positive change, we have to look very deeply and consciously at WHAT WE’RE ACTUALLY PARTICIPATING IN.

The atrophying of our current rigid systems of control, is indicative of the part of our Self that is crumbling: the part that is has denied our wildness, our instinct, our embodied Truth. The false construct of separation could only ever hold us temporarily – it has served its time, now we’re like bracken shoots ripping up the tarmacadam – we’re breaking through the artificial boundary that was set to keep us from growing into our full Self. Now we can begin to see where that growth will lead us.



around the wild feminine

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Community without limitations, free speech, creating the change we want to see in the world…

painting from my time in an artists’ community in Cyprus, around 2002

Hallo beautiful living women and men,

I’ve had various adventures trying to connect deeply with others across the interweb, but this past couple of years in particular, with the gaping void of real connection opening up throughout the p l a n d e m i c, it’s a beautiful new reality of interbeing that is dripping into our digital connectedness.

Here’s a new podcast I’ve made – around the subject of community in our current world:

podcast on community without limits, and the intimacy of online interbeing

As Truth becomes more elusive in the mainstream, those of us seeking Truth magnetise and congregate to share it, where our voices are censored and blocked we’re looking for others who’ve had similar experiences and finding many. Where we’re feeling that deep sense of detachment or isolation, we’re naturally gravitating towards wholeness, closeness.

Nothing in Nature is an accident: even man-made effects or manipulations – on the global scale, and involving all of us – take on an organic, spontaneous and unpredictable energetic dynamic of their own; a new Way appears, that no-one thought of yet.

unfinished painting, Family Of Selves, started in Cyprus

This is one of the many reasons that myself and others feel a potent, nourishing optimism about what is REALLY happening, right alongside the myriad dramas and distractions that seem so prevalent across the usual channels.


I came across my favourite quote again on an old picture; this quote could be adapted to so many things in Life, but particularly to community – at this time when we might feel like the very fabric of our culture is separating into threads and becoming unstable, the solution is rooted in making the change we want to see around us. The solution is connecting, rather than not connecting.

Coming up in March another gorgeous painting workshop via Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA) – Painting The Wild Woman Awake! I would so love to connect with you on this – the previous art workshops I’ve done online with VAWAA have been deeply moving and enriching, and it feels like a perfect channel to transmit this energetic freedom that comes through painting intuitively from our core….

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painting from 1999

In this podcast, I’m speaking to the fact that we’ve all been conditioned to some degree or another, into having a power dynamic that doesn’t serve us, between our logic and our felt reality.


There are many, many facets to this conflict, and here I’m talking to how we’re increasingly bound into a kind of perpetual battle with a tyrant-like apart of our un-integrated greater power.

This ‘tyrant’ energy, of course, is a 2-way relationship or conversation: no tyrant exists in a void, without someone to beat down upon. And so it is with our modern psyche vs intuitive; we’re so profoundly embroiled in the illusion of our being a) inherently separate and b) obligated to exert enormous effort in keeping one aspect of self from affecting the rest of the self.

Our sovereignty, our freedom and our holistic vitality – ironically – comes from the very part of us that we’re in resistance to; the place in us that is numb or painful, out of sync or frictional, even dangerous or out of control

painting from 2000

There are innumerable ways in which we can step off of the battlefield with self, and instead step effortlessly into a peaceful, prolific and pleasurable garden.

Like with all True Healing, True Law, True Spirit-Full practise, The Way is always aligned with where we Naturally rest into as if it were already our own: that which feels like it is ‘meant to be’.

Our modern norms are sliding us collectively in very much the opposite direction to this Way of Nature; dragging us far away from that which resonates with Common Sense/ Law, pulling us into a package of orchestrated experience that is no longer even pretending to be Natural, True or Right – this accelerating descent is something that each one of us needs to unpack, non-consent to, and disengage from entirely – so we can all Live happy, healthy, fulfilled and peace-full Lives.


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