What If Everything Is Perfect, Right Now?

Beautiful Soul

Our core Truth is the vibration in which our centre is held; our fulcrum, around which all other thoughts and projections rotate in orbit.

However, cultural conditioning is likely to have placed something near our core for us, distracting us from a clear sense of our centre-of-our-being peace, vitality, freedom and flow.

Modern ‘life’ is likely to have put ‘scarcity’, ‘fear’ and ‘tension’ in there for us – a clumpy mess of programming and tanglement, mud and shame – to help keep us attached to the system. Our trembling child-body and child-mind, separated from our cloudy and distance child-soul, with this immediate, convenient govern-ment and hierarchy structure there to take up the slack…

What is it, to instead see beyond this dis-ease of conditioned limitation, into the Infinite in The Now?

It’s not so easy to transmit the Beingness of Bliss-Full Harmony With Life into the conventional collective mind-body-spirit, because the conventional mind-body-spirit is essentially very attached to it’s familiar discomfort.

But our attachment to familiar discomfort is not in and of itself negative. We Learn through All Things, We Heal through All Things, We Know Truth through observing and feeling what ‘truth’ is – and what Truth isn’t.

One of our most precious qualities as human Beings, is that we can inhabit both an expansive and a contracted view of reality simultaneously, which allows us to Know more than if we were purely floating about in the blissful ether!


Here are my Thoughts Unfolding around what this Glorious, Dynamic, LIVING Reality IS – the Perfect Imperfection of It All.

Living Voice Transmission on Everything Being Perfect Right Now!



Tuesday 1st June begins the new structure of online workshops from the Arthouse studio.

These sessions will be open EVERY FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH.

I’ll be here on Jitsi at 4pm CET / Rome Italy time (check your local time via World Time Buddy here) – for between 2 – 4 hours, depending on how the session unfolds.

You are warmly welcomed: all levels of art experience – so long as you have the willingness to let go and to embrace the process of spontaneous unfolding!

Choose your materials and surface to draw and paint on; try to get a larger surface, and a wide range of colours or materials to work with.

If you’d like to read some more notes on this event, see this post.


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Knowing Right Action

We live in profoundly distorted times.

If we’re Open to Seeing Truth, this is Self-Evident. If we’re in denial, life seems hunkydory, and we’ll applaud even the most perverse ‘norms’ and practises.

Living Voice Sharing on Right Action

This Living Voice Transmission is around how we can Differentiate between What Is Right Action, and what isn’t. We Can Know Right Action from our Sentience and from our Integrated Self. What’s Right for One is Right for All. We Can Find Our Way to Right Action through Self, through Comprehending Our True (Natural) Nature, which is an Inseparable Part of All Things.


Live Painting Sessions & Living Conversations Into Sovereignty


Please note: we’ll meet always on this Jitsi Arthouse Studio link – it should open easily without you having to login or create any profile: nice and straightforward.

Going forwards, I plan to be there, linked to my studio, in front of the easel, every FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH from 4pm Rome/ CET onwards, i.e. the next session will be on Tuesday 1st June.

Depending on how many beautiful people arrive, I’ll be there from between 2 and 4 hours: please feel most welcome to join us at any point, bringing with you art materials and a surface to paint on, plus an open mind-heart-spirit!


I’m glad of your company in this journey, where so many folks seem to be taking backwards steps into clouded vision, superficial presumption, projection and worshipping falsity. It is a great honour to be amongst those who keep their Mind-Heart-Spirit Alive and Learning,


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Do We Actually Live In Paradise?!

This is a genuine inquiry; a non-rhetorical question! 

I’m answering it in this Living Voice Transmission – what are we missing, about the Natural Fact that we do actually Live In Paradise?

Living Voice Sharing on Do We Actually Live In Paradise?!

You can also listen in via Anchor.fm and other podcast ‘stations’

There are so many ways to answer the Truth of it: but many, many layers of construct to be dissolved and dearmoured before we can Fully Know the Paradise of both our Own Being and of the Living Environment in which we are Thriving. 

Why can’t we see the Beauty, Abundance and Perfection in Everything around us? Why do we seek and perpetuate pain for our selves and for others? Again, there are myriad Ways.


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Living In The Gift

Living In The Gift is a dynamic Life Choice, for sure! It’s a Way of stepping out of dead rhythms and meaningless ritual, and into The Genuine Magic of All Things Inter-Being. The Very Dynamic Nature of Living As Gift, Working With Gift Economy, and Generally Rejecting conventional atrophying patterns, Allows us to both Perceive and Create in Ways that ‘normal’ ‘life’ can never do.

I’ve been thinking more and more about how to succinctly define Living In Gift for those who feel called to move out of the mainstream and into The Freedom of Gift.

Living in Gift is much alike Natural Law: you can make some bullet points and statements about the general pillars BUT Every Sovereign Being MUST learn through their Own Experience, Culture, Micro-Climate and Unique Windows of Perception (i.e. their Inimitable Sentience of Mind-Body-Spirit) – I Can Share With You My Experience and it May Inspire You to Further Delve Into Your Own, but I absolutely cannot dictate, control or manipulate your experience into being something that it is not (or not yet).

We All Have to Do The Good Work! We All Have to Gift Blood, Sweat and Tears to This Sacred Earth that is Gifting Us Life. And We All Have to Understand Through Our Own, Unrepeatable Life, Our Own Utterly-Perfectly-Imperfect Way, Through Our Very Own Language and Feeling and Embodied Knowing.

This is what I Feel About Living In Gift… It is Lived, Felt, Experienced Knowing, Shared Here Through My Spontaneous Living Expression-Of-Truth, Gifted To You Freely, Whilst Equally Being Open To Be Nourished From Whatever Source Might Most Effortlessly and Lovinggly Provide for Me in Symbiosis:

  • Gift is a Deeper Knowing, Appreciation and Practise of Our Life Being A Verifiable Blessing

  • Living In The Gift is an Active, Activated Awareness of Giving and Receiving

  • LITG is a Rooted Belief – an Embodied Consciousness – around our Sacred Nature, the Sacred Nature of Everything Around Us, and Our Co-Creative Relationship with All Of This

The Nature of Gift As I Experience it, is generally to:

  • Give Before Asking

  • Ask For What We Need, but no more

  • Never Use Force or Insistence, manipulation or coercion in Asking

  • Release Attachment to the Gift

  • Release the Gifter into the Freedom To Work within Their Own Unique Symbiosis

  • Be Absolutely Clear on What We Want and Need – Having Resolved Inner ills

  • Develop and Evolve an Appropriate Language, Ethics and Humility in Asking

  • Be at Peace with All Things Having Their Right, Natural Season for Unfolding

  • Listen to Nature, and be led by Gaia-Sophia, or ‘that-which-is-more-than-the-sum-of-the-parts’

  • Recognise the Difference between Right and ‘wrong’, ‘personal’ and Collective, ‘ego’ and Whole

  • Seek Always to Act For The Good Of All, Rather than the temporary pleasure of ego

  • Seek Growth and Expansion Always, and the Release of All Blocks in Energy, Thinking, Movement, Circulation

Living Voice Transmission around Living In Gift

Also listen and/ or share via ANCHOR.FM:

Three Keys To Unlocking Creative Stagnancy The Art Of Life

From the FREEDOM, SENTIENCE and THE CREATIVE TAPROOT podcast series http://www.claregalloway.com http://www.livinginthegift.com
  1. Three Keys To Unlocking Creative Stagnancy
  2. Making Space – Manifestation
  3. Making Art From Found Stuffs
  4. Our Best 'No'
  5. The Creative Taproot

If you’d love to explore these ideas further, see the Living In The Gift website

You Can Also Join and/ or Gift me to do more of This Sort Of Thing, via the Connect page

Blessings on You!

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Voice, new painting almost finished

An intense couple of weeks with both injured cats and new kittens, has been a Great Blessing in learning Deeply around Expression; how we fully Express Our Truth: through Movement, Voice, Vitality, Uniqueness, Freedom…. Here I’m Speaking to how our Being Fully Our Self might be the Remedy to All The World’s ills!

Living Voice Transmission on Expression!

There’s much about our Innate Expression that is profoundly suppressed from our inception: we Live Now in times where some of us are hurtling towards a world without life, a ‘life’ without Natural Expression – a sterilised, infertile, stagnant parody of Real Life and Of Natural Vitality.

The Great Gift, and The Intense Beauty of This Now, is that We, Conscious Beings, Living Men and Women, Have in our Hands, Voices, Body-Mind-Spirit, and in our Collective Creative Genius, the Power To Remedy All ‘ills’.

We Are Divine Creative Vitality – The Force runs through our veins and our synaptic connections, our adrenal systems and our dreams: we have the capacity through our Hands and Feet, Mouth and Eyes to participate in Life as though we Are Part Of Life, and thus to move us All away from this pointless, pain-full nightmare of ‘un-creation’ cul-de-sac that we’ve been lured into!

This Sunday and Monday you’re very warmly welcomed to join me in my Arthouse Studio: details on this post. We’ll paint together from 4 pm CET/ Rome time this Sunday – and also on Monday at both 11 am and 4 pm.

Contact me directly if you’d like to meet at a different time… you can also find Gift buttons on that page.


Love and Beauty to You,

Painting Sessions from the studio!


Dear Friends – here I am announcing New Live Streams From The Arthouse Studio in Guardia Sanframondi, Italy

These Painting Sessions mark a significant Stepping Fully Into Sovereignty – out of the fiscal system and away from contracts, limitations, transaction, hierarchy, struggle – and into the Divine Reciprocity of Our Collective Creative Expansion!



I can advise on any aspect of preparation beforehand – just private message me via my website and I’ll send you my Signal number: Signal is a free App that appears to be the most secure and convenient right now for instant messaging.

1 materials

The best surface would be relatively large – so you can use soem physical movement in filling it. Make sure the surface is prepared for the materials you’ll be painting on it with: at least a couple of layers of gesso (or simple acrylic, non-gloss) primer, to seal the surface – i.e. stop the paint from sinking into it.

If you can get access to a variety of different colours, and at least a couple of contrasting mediums – this would be ideal. If you’re limited with resources, choose the primary (red, yellow, blue) and/ or secondary colours )orange, green, purple), and black and white – so you’ll have the greatest range of possibilities in mixing. Quality does matter, as you master materials, but sometimes the limitation of the paint or surface you’re using, or the unexpected spontaneous effects coming up from clashing materials – this can be a powerful tool in what unfolds!


2 platforms

I’ll be using Jitsi Meet to connect via both my laptop and my smartphone – so that I can show you what I’m working on, and see your work, should you set it up to be seen. The Jitsi facility allows us to meet for free, without any time limit, and without having to register any online profile or email.

Patreon is how I receive a stable monthly income – and where I stay in touch with my supporters most often. To help Holding Space for these Sessions, I’d love to work through one platform, rather than having to contact a variety of people through a variety of mediums! So I will share a public post on Patreon at a previously-agreed time, directly to the Art Studio Stream via Jitsi Meet. You’ll be able to view this by being a Patreon patron, or by visiting my profile there, and checking the latest public posts.

3 presence

Our time is Precious, Sacred. This Work and this Holding Of Space is done in The Spirit Of Gift, which calls on Divine Presence and Commitment, as well as mutual Gift and Flow.
I request strongly that We All Bring the Full-Ness of our Presence into the space that we’re Sharing: in this way, we will Open a Container together, that will allow the most Aligned Energy to join and flow through us.
Digital Meetings can be Power-Full (or they can be agitating!), and I intend these Sessions to be Special and Safe for us all – meaning we should endeavour to be Fully Focussed on the work, the conversation, and the collective Intention.

4 times

We’re many of us in different time zones, and I have a flexible but defined perameter around the hours that I can best Create in my Studio: 4 pm Rome/ CET time is optimum for me – I’ll be there on the FIRST DAY OF EVERY MONTH, for between 2 and 4 hours.

One-on-one Sessions can be more flexible, but holding collective space demands a certain equlibrium and synchrony with the Natural Rhythms of the day.

Please Always check your local time via a trustworthy site like WorldTimeBuddy.com – and be punctual, to maintain the integrity of the container that we’re creating together. I appreciate that figuring out international time zones can be a bother, particularly during British Summer-Time or Daylight Savings Times… Please take full responsibility and power in being present in these Sessions, as I Will.


5 themes

My work is steeped in many Living Themes: I Share/ Speak to my Own Living, Expanding Consciousness around the Nature Of Life, Our Living Experience in These Times, and How We Unlock Tensions and Fear – into Synchrony and Freedom.

These Sessions that I’m opening up might Touch Some or All or None of the Following ‘subjects’: I Reserve All Rights and Give None, to being a conduit for whatever might come through. I do not hold a position of Power or Authority over anyone joining the Sessions, but am Free to Express Fully my Own Unique Creative Relationship Within our Shared Container – the meeting space.

I Share Generously and Freely, Always, from my Own Liberated Creative Flow and Mastery – to Yours!

Here are some areas that the ‘work-shops’ might touch:

  • The Deep Intuitive
  • Art As Gateway To Soul
  • Em-Body-ed Wisdom
  • Real Health, Sovereignty and Natural Law
  • Truth and Whole-Ness
  • The Unique Creative Genius, that we All Have Potential Within Us to Expand
  • Real Art, and Un-Ravelling The Distortions of The ‘art’ ‘world’
  • The Sacred Feminine
  • Balancing the Sacred Feminine and Masculine/ Yin-Yang/ Polarity As Power
  • Spontaneity in The Eternal Now
  • Gaia-Sophia Living Consciousness (and Us Being An In-Separable Thread In This)
  • Navigating Current Global Crisis From Divine Em-Power-Ment
  • Expansive Conscious-Ness

Again, please contact me directly via my website or Patreon – linked above – if you have further questions or notes around the Sessions. I very much look forward to Creating Along-Side You,


Check beforehand, but you should be able to click-and-go – no need to register or anything!

Take note of the meeting links, and please read all the Before We Meet notes (these will be pasted below).

See you in my studio!

Click the following link to join the meeting:


Just want to dial in on your phone?

Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 2483421800#

Click this link to see the dial in phone numbers for this meeting


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Below is a Living Voice Sharing (‘podcast’) around what Holistic Immunity is. We’ve been conditioned into believing our ‘immunity’ to be a somewhat binary reactive process – something that some folks are blessed with, but ultimately a relatively flimsy veil between us and an ever-aggressive external reality, which wants to devour our frail physical body from the inside out!

Having transformed my own Health and Holistic Well-Being, and stepped into Sovereignty of my Time, Energy and Thinking, I have a wider, Living View of Immunity. 

I Know True Immunity as a Relationship far Greater than the point where our senses touch the air and affect each other. 

Stepping Ever-Deeper Into Sovereignty, We Naturally Align in Symbiosis with our Environment through Natural Law, and thus we come into Creative Union with All Things around us. 

‘Immunity’ then becomes Inseparable from a Whole Spectrum of Discernment; We Are Able to Gravitate to or from Things that We Need to Nourish Us. We Are Able to Effortlessly Avoid That Which is Harm-Full to Us. We Are Able to Efficiently Digest What Passes Across the Threshold of Our Being, and Let Go Of Any Thing That is Toxic or Not Use-Full.

But Our Body-Mind-Spirit is Always Communing Perfectly with Divine Intelligence/ Great Spirit/ God, and Is Also Always Communicatng Perfectly Clearly With Us. 

A ‘lack of immunity’ in the perceived-immune-‘system’ will always be illustrated across the Layers of Our Life: Our Sovereignty is Always Fully Ours, Even When We are ‘obbligated’ or ‘coerced’ into ‘giving it away’. The State of Our Well-Ness is often an indicator of How Distorted We’ve been ‘manipulated’ into ‘being’.

Our Work in All Of This, Is To Fully Be Present in Whole Self – which does involve a fair bit of deconditioning, dearmouring and unwinding of Truth, but Every Sacred Step of Which is A Step Out Of Distortion and Into Bliss. Those Are The Facts As I Know Them, In Natural Law.

Three Keys To Unlocking Creative Stagnancy The Art Of Life

From the FREEDOM, SENTIENCE and THE CREATIVE TAPROOT podcast series http://www.claregalloway.com http://www.livinginthegift.com
  1. Three Keys To Unlocking Creative Stagnancy
  2. Making Space – Manifestation
  3. Making Art From Found Stuffs
  4. Our Best 'No'
  5. The Creative Taproot

If you’d like to hear more of this sort of thing, join me on Patreon, or visit my Living Voice Sharings (podcasts)

Blessings and Love

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listen or download here, also

Death: Expansion Or Contract?

painting from 2000, Healing, Letting Go – around Ben’s death

Death: Expansion or Contract?

With ‘death’ having been held over our heads as a means of coercing us into compliance in every which way lately: our intense fear of years passing, of infecting vibes and germs being in the air or coming from others’ mouths towards ours, our resistance of ‘the end’ by desperately clinging to ever-more-complete submission to false medicine – we could be forgiven for getting lost in the fable of scarcity, finality, and the physical body being our defining limitation.

You can listen via this voice file, Or, go to the Anchor.fm ClareAndTheArtOfLife podcast!

This Living Voice Transmission (formerly known as a ‘podcast’!) is questioning our relationship with End of Life; the Divine Difference or Contrast between viewing ‘death’ as a definitive finishing point of ‘all things’ and of our ‘identity’ Or, Our Living Knowing of Life as Eternal Now, and Our Changing, Evolving Reality – in Life and Beyond Life – as Being the Infinite Divine Intelligence Knowing Itself.

These Thoughts come from my Embodied Being, In This Life-Time; Having Come Close to Death – The Sacred Passing-Over – in My Own Bodily Existence, As Well As Having Been Intimate to Close Friends and to Close Family, As They’ve Passed Over.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject: join me to hear more transmissions of Living Word, Art, Healing and Truth – and to Support my Life and Art – Blessings!

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Defining ‘Woman’

Living Voice Transmission on Defining ‘Woman’

Coming back around in a cyclical, seasonal way, to the subject of Defining Woman – in the context of All That Is Unfolding In Our World… Knowing Our Selves As Woman and as Women Collective calls us to dissolve our need to control, label, define.

Woman’s very Fluidity, Change-Full-Ness, comes from the Natural Fact That We Own Cycles, That We Shed and Menstruate, and Thus We Change – Our Consciousness Ebbs and Flows Like Tides, and Our Empathy Allows Us To Merge Consciousness, Share In Vulnerability, Hold Deep Meaningful Space For Others.

The Sacred Lineage Of Never-Broken Womb-Connection – Womb-Within-Womb-Within-Womb, Reaching Back Into The Impossible Depths Of Time – Carrying Through This Life-Blood-River – Embodied, Sentient, Knowing. This is Some-Thing That We Are Only Beginning To Recognise. It Is. It Is Some-Thing That Cannot Be Quantified, But Must Be Felt. Some-Thing Know-Able Through Feeling.

Activated Embodiment is Some-Thing that our spoken and written language of front-lobe dictator-ship cannot acccept – that it wants to hold ‘authority’ over, but of course it cannot. It can only coerce – temporarily – through shaming into the fear-tension-pain spiral. And even then, We Eventually Tire of Those Dizzying Loops and Spontaneously Find Our Taproot Again.

This Voice Sharing is an Aspect of My Own Unfolding Of Sacred, Embodied Power as Woman.

All Rights Reserved, None Given,