Our collective conscious and unconscious forms the world around us – so what on earth are we currently creating?! Up to now our immense energetic-creative-collective potential has been mostly used towards negative ends: we’ve got lost in tight cycles particularly of pain rather than pleasure – of tension rather than expansion – of fear rather than joy. We’ve become accustomed to believing that all these negative traits are ‘necessary’ or ‘obligatory’ – that we ‘have’ to do things like this, either because we haven’t had another way revealed to us, or because we’re being coerced under literal threat of penalty.

It’s a simple but profoundly effective trap; being kept in familiar discomfort, and tricked into thinking that we’re inherently flawed/ shameful/ wrong/ inept: too small, too weak, to poor to affect significant change.

But we most definitely are NOT flawed, weak, wrong, etc: we KNOW this.

And they know that we know this!

Meanwhile, living women and living men – younglings and oldlings alike – have been feeling, knowing and sharing the abundantly mystical magical beauty of this Life – i.e. the infinite power of the Eternal Now – outside of the sad-but-glossy despair of mainstream cardboard ‘reality’.

Couples have been transcending in ecstatic union, women have been birthing orgasmically, men have been standing in their glorious luminous strength of Truth, newborn living beings have been writhing in blissful joy, and wee men and women running and leaping in fierce creative abandon from the beginning of time... and they are all doing so more and more, and more consciously, every blessed moment of every blessed day!

We’ve been cultured into believing that we have to jump though labyrinths and hoops before we can know the immense riches of harvesting and mastering our own unlimited creative potential. Again, this is simply, completely untrue:

ALL of our divine genius Gift of creative vitality is

Immediately available to us All gratis, now and forever!

As we collectively Awake to this Fact, we’re beginning to see how all the systems, controls, hierarchies and norms that surround us are distorting Truth, and so we are simply stopping giving them attention or authority.

Removing Our Attention from limiting and enslaving dynamics frees our creative outpouring not just in the personal nourishing-our-self sense, but in the bigger sense of our relationship with everything and everyone becoming freed from bondage. It seems like a small act of defiance, but immediately things start to reveal themselves to us; the world drops its veils and we quickly connect with Others who are looking at what is True.

Then we really begin to create: miracles of synchronicity happen all around, a sense of peace descends where before there was anxious expectation of worst outcome, our every step – breath – word – thought starts to reverberate with more sentience and colour – and our whole being seems to resonate within a vibrant fabric of connectedness. Life transitions into a richer, more whole, dynamic experience, saturated with fulfilling pleasure.

Surrendering to the Eternal Now and letting our unique intuitive creative reign, we step into the spontaneous and the improvised; not a world of chaos and ego and friction (as we’re threatened with by the mainstream), but a world that makes profound sense: a world in which we belong and in which we play a perfect and inimitable role.

We each and every one of us have a part in our collective expansive-awakening; every moment reclaimed, every cell activated, every thought cocooned out of corporate-approved pap and into bright butterfly uniqueness – has a knock-on effect ad infinitum. And we do this so very very simply; by just shifting our focus, by just listening within and out-with, by connecting up all of our being instead of it being compartmentalised, and thus Knowing our Right action in the Sacred Everymoment…

Art has always been the way to do this: – from our prehistoric past – from our uninhibited confidence in childhood – from our pelvis and from deep ‘subconscious’ – we just have to remove what has veiled our glorious creative genius, and let it move as it naturally wants to, through us and out into the world.

Read on to find out where art comes from…