In the context of our distorted ‘cultural’ ‘norms’, the idea of our all being artists is pretty wild. But the Truth is far more shocking – or rather: Activating! – i.e. Our Birth Right of Harmonious, Abundant Alignment with All Things, our Divine Creative Wholeness/ Union/ Oneness With The Divinely Creative Universe was and is being stolen from us, through the false, Unlawful hierarchy of ‘fine art’ and the placing of specific ‘artists’ into vastly exaggerated positions of ‘power’. And we’re all fast asleep about it.

I would love to share the Truth about Art here: Real Art can Only and Exclusively be Expressed in Divine, Free, Gift from an Activated, Heart-Mind-Body-Spirit in Living Autonomous Authority. There are Real Artists Alive and Working from Truth – but mostly they’re hidden by an utterly labyrinthan, secret-codified realm of smoke-and-mirrors, which you are excluded from by your extensive and harsh schooling in your ‘not being creative’

Almost all Living Women and Men have been conditioned and their Life Paths distorted out of Natural Right to Divine Creative Alignment. This means that on a day to day level, the majority of us are profoundly unaware of our Gifts, which are Our Capacity to Truly Know Our Self (and Our Collective Self), to Know Right Action, and to Activate Our Ability to Manifest Positively for the Betterment Of All.

Okay, that in itself might sound like a series of coded words, rather than a liberating Gateway to your Divine Manifestation Activation! But entering the Living Conversation, we find our Way to the Gateway, no matter what or who we’re relating with.

This is why Art is so powerful, and thus why it is being more and more aggressively blocked from mainstream by an Agenda that requires us all to be kept numb and atrophied. This is why Art is The Gateway into Enlightenment, or Absolute Empowered-Up Truth of Our Innate Nature. Our Natural Art is available to All, in The Eternal Now, Always – it’s Free, for All Of Us!

We’re tricked in myriad and extensive conditioning ways into being so much less than we are, and into seeing art instead of Art: starting with invasive birth interference which cuts the most potent symbiotic and Divinely Creative relationship of All Life – that of a Living Woman at full gestation Birthing in Blissful Expansiveness – of the Divine Creative Feminine in Union with Masculine – effort and release in harmonious balance…. This Sacred Natural Act being desecrated is the primary initiatory dark ritual of the New Life into the violence of ‘normal’ life on ‘planet’ ‘Earth’.

The beating down of the Feminine in bodily form, and the grooming of the New Born into these deeply limiting suffering and bondage, is the only way that such a desperately evil agenda might sufficiently quell our gloriously vibrant Natural Life Force. It’s the only way (until now, as they’re rolling out technologies that preclude this effortful, ubiquitous interference with Our True Nature) that they can continue further down the road to ingrain, indoctrinate, and subjugate our True Art of Life.

Once we unlock the Wisdom of what happened around what should have been Our Birth Rights, we unlock the Sacred Knowing behind everything else that is stealing from us. We see clearly that our ‘education’ systems, our seats of ‘power’, our churches and ‘spiritual’ practises, our ‘health’ ‘authorities’ and all other ‘authorities’ – are coercing us rather than empowering us. And then we realise that all coercion is for a profit of some sort or another; profiting from our time, energy, attention, resources, distractedness, asleepness, ignorance.

We’re locked into this sordid ‘reality’ for the most part not by physical force, but by this manipulative suggestion, and the obfuscation of what Is – Natural, True, Real. We’re schooled, churched, segregated, detached, worked, homed, medicated and fed through our epically-dulled ‘senses’ in utterly unnatural ways, which over a lifetime leave us in such a wrung-out and undermined state that we’re pretty glad to be offered the smallest crumbs, the simplest ‘freedoms’ and the most plasticated ‘dreams’ via whatever agency that we’ve consented to be operating on our behalf.

The ‘artists’ among us have long-since been siphoned-off into ‘art’ ‘schools’ and extreme-patriarchal structures, if they’ve not self-destructed into mental collapse or substance abuse at the all-too-evident perversion of it all. Those who get to ‘succeed’ are labelled as ‘gifted’, and authorised through financial incentive and ego-benefits, to be ‘presented’ to the public.

Our artificial world of entertainment is complete: we’re utterly lost in the glamour of celebrity, gazing hypnotised at ‘art’, whilst Real Art is literally banished, unfunded, un-nourished and un–witnessed by the collective: Art is effectively removed from the centre of our Natural Community, where it should be; stolen from Our Hearth, Severed from Heart and Core, from Vital Force and Infinite Divine Creative Intelligence.

We all participate in this distortion; by consuming ‘art’ rather than Knowing Art in Our Self, by being ashamed of our Sentience and Our True Nature or Vitality, by avoiding the Sacred Labouring of Creation and instead buying into parodies of Real Art like hobbies and fashion clothing, watching TV and idolising music industry ‘artists’. We participate in this essentially satanic practise of un-living, by agreeing to measure and value, rather than Knowing Through Our Living Senses what Art is, and rather than Knowing Through Our Living Senses That We Are Divine Creative Flow, In Action!

Read on to know what We can do to save the world through Our Unique Creative Genius!