I strongly believe that much of the suffering and conflict that we accept as everyday in modern life can be shifted simply – even effortlessly.

My life passion is supporting the unbinding of our immense creative power from its servitude to limiting and unfulfilling patterns.

My work is in the freeing of this creative expansion; through the primal activities of drawing and painting, through communing with the sacred aspects of nature and our collective human existence, through holistic health sovereignty and vitality, and through deep inquiry and global conversation about subjects that are taboo but ripe for unveiling.

I’ve had a relatively unusual life. Most of it at the edges of all the stability-comfort-norms that many humans take for granted. I’ve had a strong calling to my own creative, health and spiritual journey – and in turn to sharing with others the freedom and vitality that I’ve unlocked.

My art practise is 35+ yrs’ discipline of intuitive-folk-sentience – a unique visual language unbound by conventional ‘art world’ restraints. My paintings are in collections around the world, but I’ve always had an aversion to the art hierarchy – choosing to have a direct, horizontal relationship with my beautiful patrons.

I’ve also worked since my youth (alongside my active studio practise) within gift culture and gift economy, and have been educated practically in several fields related to transitioning into a healthier planetary symbiosis (e.g. permaculture, homeopathy).

My work as an artist is in transmitting the more subtle energetic freedom that comes through being aligned with divine creative flow; the ease that comes e.g. through immersing in a spontaneous, unbridled creative act.

Over the decades I’ve felt more passionate about actively participating in the more beautiful world that I know should exist; this includes restructuring my business around gift and accessibility, and mutually-beneficial relationships that support our collective growth, healing, and conscious evolution. In 2020 I have a vision of opening my arthouse as creative refuge for folks most in need of deep, holistic respite.