I am a Living Woman, of Flesh and Blood, Spirit and Will, Vitality and Freedom of Expression.

I’ve had a Colourful, Highly Success-Full Career in several countries as an Artist, Writer, Visionary, Healer and Inspirer of Positive Transformation in Land, Economy, Community and Energy. Click here to download my book of painting (formerly known as a catalogue).

From a young age, I had a conscious sense of the Infinite Nature and the Infinite Potential of my Existence.

My Work and Life are Aligned With Gift: I’m Passionately Active in Transmitting Truth around the nature of the construct that limits us, and the Nature of the Mystical that is Within Us. I Work in the Horizontal and in the non-transactional. My Work is Gift.

My Art is Intuitive, Embodied Wisdom: I Create from Mastery In Union With The Divine Creative Intelligence that Flows through every One of Us. I also have a couple of degrees and many accolades, but no longer work within ‘the old system’.

I Know Life from the Uncompromised Edge-Of-All-Things: I Work At The Outer Edges of the Entangled Distortion – Disentangling and Re-Aligning the Sacred Threads that Should Be Holding Reality Together in Profound Harmony.

This website contains information and links to all that I Am, and How I Create.

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