From Mainstream To Decentralised

Are you paying them, when we should be paying you?!

This podcast speaks to the  movement from severely limiting bondage to corporations… into real  freedom, sovereignty, choice and expression in the decentralised online  world – and in reality!

This is The Art Of Life podcast from – which is now available on or Aureal.One – delving deeep into our alignment with life as divine co-creation adventure in bliss. My website here had to be downgraded to a less expensive version, which means I can’t upload more files here for the time being.

Free Energy and Free Health The Art Of Life

As I talk about here on my podcast, Real Health and Free Energy are very easily accessed, BUT we live deep inside of a construct – a matrix – that is conditioning us to believe fully in quite the opposite.  Therefore, accessing Free Energy and Health is still an effortless journey that is all of our birthright – at the same time, the removal of this wrong conditoning is the work. These dramatic times that we're living through are all about the crumbling of this negative conditioning, which makes it easier in that we have the collective momentum of moving out of the matrix simultaneously. That shared force is another aspect of True Healing that has been obscured from our vision, when it also is absolutely free and available at all times to all of us. The images referenced in this podcast are inspired by Sheela Na Gig and by the deepest living conversations around our blossoming inter-dimensional consciousness in these times.  Visit my website to view the image details, or my Patreon to view them in whole – I will not be publishing these imagery to the general public. Blessings on our Healing and Expansion as One, :Clare
  1. Free Energy and Free Health
  2. Heart-Art-Hearth
  3. How Do I KNOW What To Trust?
  4. From Mainstream To Decentralised: Are You Paying Them, When We Should Be Paying You?
  5. Co-Creation: new podcast series on Creative Sovereignty

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Blessings and Love!

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