Living In The Gift

Living In The Gift is a dynamic Life Choice, for sure! It’s a Way of stepping out of dead rhythms and meaningless ritual, and into The Genuine Magic of All Things Inter-Being. The Very Dynamic Nature of Living As Gift, Working With Gift Economy, and Generally Rejecting conventional atrophying patterns, Allows us to both Perceive and Create in Ways that ‘normal’ ‘life’ can never do.

I’ve been thinking more and more about how to succinctly define Living In Gift for those who feel called to move out of the mainstream and into The Freedom of Gift.

Living in Gift is much alike Natural Law: you can make some bullet points and statements about the general pillars BUT Every Sovereign Being MUST learn through their Own Experience, Culture, Micro-Climate and Unique Windows of Perception (i.e. their Inimitable Sentience of Mind-Body-Spirit) – I Can Share With You My Experience and it May Inspire You to Further Delve Into Your Own, but I absolutely cannot dictate, control or manipulate your experience into being something that it is not (or not yet).

We All Have to Do The Good Work! We All Have to Gift Blood, Sweat and Tears to This Sacred Earth that is Gifting Us Life. And We All Have to Understand Through Our Own, Unrepeatable Life, Our Own Utterly-Perfectly-Imperfect Way, Through Our Very Own Language and Feeling and Embodied Knowing.

This is what I Feel About Living In Gift… It is Lived, Felt, Experienced Knowing, Shared Here Through My Spontaneous Living Expression-Of-Truth, Gifted To You Freely, Whilst Equally Being Open To Be Nourished From Whatever Source Might Most Effortlessly and Lovinggly Provide for Me in Symbiosis:

  • Gift is a Deeper Knowing, Appreciation and Practise of Our Life Being A Verifiable Blessing

  • Living In The Gift is an Active, Activated Awareness of Giving and Receiving

  • LITG is a Rooted Belief – an Embodied Consciousness – around our Sacred Nature, the Sacred Nature of Everything Around Us, and Our Co-Creative Relationship with All Of This

The Nature of Gift As I Experience it, is generally to:

  • Give Before Asking

  • Ask For What We Need, but no more

  • Never Use Force or Insistence, manipulation or coercion in Asking

  • Release Attachment to the Gift

  • Release the Gifter into the Freedom To Work within Their Own Unique Symbiosis

  • Be Absolutely Clear on What We Want and Need – Having Resolved Inner ills

  • Develop and Evolve an Appropriate Language, Ethics and Humility in Asking

  • Be at Peace with All Things Having Their Right, Natural Season for Unfolding

  • Listen to Nature, and be led by Gaia-Sophia, or ‘that-which-is-more-than-the-sum-of-the-parts’

  • Recognise the Difference between Right and ‘wrong’, ‘personal’ and Collective, ‘ego’ and Whole

  • Seek Always to Act For The Good Of All, Rather than the temporary pleasure of ego

  • Seek Growth and Expansion Always, and the Release of All Blocks in Energy, Thinking, Movement, Circulation

Living Voice Transmission around Living In Gift

Also listen and/ or share via ANCHOR.FM:

How Can We Unravel What’s Really Happening? The Art Of Life  Beautiful Friend Many folks are starting to  open to the Facts and Evidence around the long-standing agenda against  human Life on on this planet – not quickly enough to halt the suffering  and death that’s rolling out under that agenda. But there is promising  movement. The  rate at which we’re able to disentangle ourselves from the covid hoax,  and to recognise it as the tip of a veritable planet-sized iceburg, will  measure the merit of our consciousness – or our lack of it. As unpleasant or uncomfortable as it might seem initially, it is All of Our Responsibility to stop the trajectory that humanity has been on for so long. It’s also Within All of Our Power to turn it around, and to instead start working towards the Life that was our Birth Right: Vibrant Health, Natural Freedom, Sovereignty, Truth, Transparency and Justice. Even  those of us who believe in pharma, top-down aggressive controls, deep  bureaucracy and coercion – even those of us most oblivious to and most  benefiting from the current status quo in which our souls are enslaved  to such ugly diminishment of the Bounty we could be Living – we are each  and every one of us profoundly Responsible for the Reality that we’re  holding in place collectively. I’m  passionate about how we present evidence in the Way that can best call  us all to be more conscious of the part that we’re playing; there is  almost always an anecdote, a word placed well, an emotion channelled  rightly, strategic use of humour. Our  Sacred Co-Creative duty is in finding the Right Action, planting the  seed or the seed thought, making Connections and radiating Truth. Our  Sacred Duty is not to sit numbly or blindly, distracted or occupied with  trivialities, whilst our planet, cities and even our very  mind-body-spirit is being consumed by raging inferno. The  Blessed Life of Humanity has never known a time of more stark contrast  between what mainstream is saying and what is actually happening: thus,  there has never been a time where it has been more visible what is  really wrong with the world. It is most certainly Time to Notice and to  Use our Power and Responsibility. Blessings All Rights Reserved, None Given :Clare
  1. How Can We Unravel What’s Really Happening?
  2. We Should Listen To Women Much More!
  3. Is ‘Life Purpose’ An Oxymoron?
  5. Money – part 8

If you’d love to explore these ideas further, see the Living In The Gift website

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Blessings on You!

All Rights Reserved, None Given!

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