painting from 1999

In this podcast, I’m speaking to the fact that we’ve all been conditioned to some degree or another, into having a power dynamic that doesn’t serve us, between our logic and our felt reality.


There are many, many facets to this conflict, and here I’m talking to how we’re increasingly bound into a kind of perpetual battle with a tyrant-like apart of our un-integrated greater power.

This ‘tyrant’ energy, of course, is a 2-way relationship or conversation: no tyrant exists in a void, without someone to beat down upon. And so it is with our modern psyche vs intuitive; we’re so profoundly embroiled in the illusion of our being a) inherently separate and b) obligated to exert enormous effort in keeping one aspect of self from affecting the rest of the self.

Our sovereignty, our freedom and our holistic vitality – ironically – comes from the very part of us that we’re in resistance to; the place in us that is numb or painful, out of sync or frictional, even dangerous or out of control

painting from 2000

There are innumerable ways in which we can step off of the battlefield with self, and instead step effortlessly into a peaceful, prolific and pleasurable garden.

Like with all True Healing, True Law, True Spirit-Full practise, The Way is always aligned with where we Naturally rest into as if it were already our own: that which feels like it is ‘meant to be’.

Our modern norms are sliding us collectively in very much the opposite direction to this Way of Nature; dragging us far away from that which resonates with Common Sense/ Law, pulling us into a package of orchestrated experience that is no longer even pretending to be Natural, True or Right – this accelerating descent is something that each one of us needs to unpack, non-consent to, and disengage from entirely – so we can all Live happy, healthy, fulfilled and peace-full Lives.


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