This podcast came through as a channelled message – from a seed thought about this love-hate struggle I’ve had with trying to become rooted in any one place… The feeling of being torn between long-term stability, and being free to think-be-do what I want, when-how-if I want.

This led me to think: why do we buy into this idea of ‘freedom’ requiring a plane journey and the affluence to book a flight just about anywhere in the world? Supposedly to keep ourselves inspired about life, stimulated and refreshed, far away from our ‘boring’ normal life … But how can this be so ‘good’ for us, when it has such an immense negative impact on the planet?

Inquiring deep into this, and blessed by having had a very small monthly income this past 6 months, which has caused me to stay home more, to think less about travelling afar… It occurs to me that this fable of ‘freedom’ being elsewhere and involving a great deal of money and resources – leaving a huge trail of destruction both behind us and often in the place that we’re visiting – there’s something that wants to be unveiled there.

Why are we conditioned to be so deeply dissatisfied with the place that we are in, that throwing ourselves half-way around the globe is the only remedy for? What would it feel like instead to be deeply rooted and satisfied, fulfilled and blissful, right where we are?

Listen to the podcast, to get some ideas:

podcast on deep taproot vs mimicking freedom through consumerism…

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Blessings on your day, and on your creative expansion into the divinity of life,

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