I always thought of ‘activism’ as an effort-full thing, and not something I could relate to as a high-sensory sentient… Until I got into really occupying my whole being, and realised that there’s a very necessary activity-in-the-world that is required of us, of the deep feminine, if the world is going to even survive.

painting by Jennifer Beattie, 1995

In this video I’m talking to how our connecting, interbeing, and responding to the mainstream discourse is so very necessary in the present day. Our activism now is less about placards and sit-ins, and much more about occupying ourselves, our cycles, our collective intention – and communicating this with the world.

video on deep-feminine activism

This activity of showing up as a whole woman might be as radical as lifting our skirts, or it might be as simple reading an article on toxins in sanitary products so that we can make better choices about our well-being.

It might be as subtle as taking an hour off to *feel* when our bleeding begins, or taking 4 days at home every month to free-bleed. It might be as huge as exposing our abuser via the court system, or showing our partner what most liberates our pleasure in bed.

Whatever we do/ be/ share, it has never been more important and possible for us to be heard. Please consider taking up the challenge, and starting making more connection to deeper truths and realities – taking the lid off of women’s voice and truth, and supporting each other in being part of Life.

This activism might be as ‘small’ as starting a blog to share the truth of our everyday, or calling out bigotry in language online; every wee action is a potent stitch and thread in a stronger, more vibrant fabric…

Blessings on your day, and on your creative expansion into the divinity of life,

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