Women’s anger is still one of the greatest taboos of our modern culture, in relation to our health, wealth and happiness. We are allowed to be present at the table, supported in relationships, feel safe in the community, belong and be held in the family – so long as we keep a lid on our rage.

This has an immense negative effect particularly on our mental and emotional health, as we stuff down emotions that should be effortlessly allowed to rise and disperse.

Years and decades of this, and we become chronically under-energised: our vitality gets in the habit of just holding in, and our whole being begins to literally wind down for the end…

Why is our anger such a vital force in the world? What is not happening because women are not stamping their foot, raising their voice, expressing a non-negotiable NO? What is continuing to unfold, because we are not getting angry?

Apart from our own health and sense of self being severely undermined, our whole collective direction is compromised; women’s standing up for a world which isn’t based on unsustainable patriarchal abuses of power – this involves speaking emotionally and assertively in every area of Life.

painting: laughing at anger, 2001
painting: laughing at anger, 2001

A deep feminine voice unleashed, at the appropriate moment, in a humble and respectful way, and towards a situation that is malleable and ripe for change, can have immense transformative effect. It can halt rivers and change the direction of civilisations.

In contrast, that same voice, held back when it is being called for, leaves a void – where abusive power can continue to fill the space-between-all-things.

I have often felt that if we’re not angry about the state of the world, we’re not looking at it very deeply at all. In this podcast, I talk about how we can better use our anger as the alchemical force that it is supposed to be:

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