Blogcast series on The Sacred Feminine – 1

It’s kind of absurd, kind of very metaphorical, that I haven’t yet delved deep into this conversation publicly: The Divine Feminine is THE theme at the core of my work, my life, my healing, my sense of life purpose and my optimism about the future of humankind on our planet and in the universe.

On the one hand, not speaking directly to the deep feminine is natural – at least in our normalised-numb-distracted-dissipated state the sacred feminine is absolutely intangible. The sacred feminine must be lived and felt from an awakened whole, and it must be free to move, grow and evolve – to fill the spaces between all things – to act always spontaneously and intuitively, and often unexpectedly.

On the other hand, there are deep, embodied reasons – real, remembered, present-day and archaic realities, which stop women talking about the divinity of their sacred sentient experience: persecution of the depths of the feminine is NOT a thing of the past – it is a terrifying modern-day force that has infiltrated even the minds of women to such a degree, that they will defend (literally) to the death the ‘necessity’ of their being manipulated and tortured, in terrible pain and suffering, and/ or numb and utterly disconnected – rather than there existing myriad choices for being healed to feeling and wholeness.

This too might sound kind of absurd and excessive, but we’re living in an age where the veils are being dramatically pulled away from both the evil origins of gynaecology, and the current violent practises against women’s bodies’ well-being by medical establishment. (If you’d like to hear more about this, look at e.g. Kim Anami’s blog, and The Bleeding Edge on Netflix.)

My genuine belief is that the sacred feminine is at the core of the world’s healing, it’s transformation, the very-necessary solutions for our collective harmony and even our continued existence: deep, wholistic sentience; embodied wisdom; empathy for all things; synchrony and interconnectedness; cooperation rather than destructive friction; very-long-term thinking, feeling and planning.

podcast on what is the divine feminine?

These are all aspects of reality that have been quelled and kept down, ridden-over by superficial logic, short-term profit, peak-pleasure, abundance and power for the few: traits of a toxic masculine-superiority model of ‘reality’, which is crumbling as we speak. Patriarchy is dissolving, having ridden everything into the ground as much as it possibly can be, and we’re beginning to consider what the world might look like if there a more balanced yin-yang.

We actually live in incredibly positive times: real change will always come from a shift in consciousness, and therefor it’ll grow-inspire-virally from the bottom upwards, rather than being forced on the masses by aggressive top-down control (as the last stewards of patriarchy are trying to promote via the hard-right politics of the ‘western’ world).

We are already entering a more empathetic, sustainable world-mind, even though it might seem like too little too late. But we were never going to change our collective direction, until we actually have to – and until there were viable, worthy, pleasurable options…. Once a woman understands the reason for her pain, occupies fully the power in her core, and awakens to the literally infinite transformative potential of her pleasure – there is no going back to the medieval mindset!

E.g. once women collectively begin to birth naturally, in tune with the orgasmic reflex that is built into our bioreality to expand our mystical conscious interconnectedness, we as humans will begin to be equipped to do our proper work in the world – without the violent oppression of our shared natural vitality and embodied super-wisdom.

Probably the biggest reason I didn’t delve into this profound discourse yet is that it simply wasn’t the time. And now it is.

Though it can be intensely challenging to be both sentient to the immensity of the world’s unnecessary pain and suffering – and to speak openly and vulnerably about it – there is a field opening for us all to connect through our sensitivity. We’re beginning to weave a harmonious, biodiverse collective fabric-of-minds, very different to the previous-current hierarchical structures of power struggle (which have kept us separate and thus in competition through the friction of that separation). Our expression of all of our pain (the pain of all of us) is a vital part of our weaving this fabric, as the feeling of the pain is a necessary part of our being connected and empathetic.

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