May this year be blessed for us

May these days and weeks bring us nourishment and peace

May we find quiet, meaningful moments – alone, together, and as a whole world

May we listen to our sentience, and act from our empathy

May our loads be lightened, always

May our hearts be opened by our looking for the good in others

May we see beyond the surface, and into the underlying beauty of all things

May we lessen our tightness around what we judge, and even let it be so, now and again

May we find time in reverence for the miracle of our own well-being: may we understand the profundity of our blessedness, in having a functioning body, mind, spirit

May we learn every day to live more elegantly and skilfully

May we hear the call to be loved, in those who we might have dismissed as unworthy

May we find our feet, and open our eyes

May we be supported by the universe to grow, to expand and fill the proper energetic field, the strong fabric, that we are meant to be

May all of our voices, colours, spectrums, dimensions, feeling – be heard, seen, felt, acknowledged, honoured

May our differences make up harmonious interbeingness, vibrant biodiversity as part of the immense whole that is this mystical universe

May our minds seek solutions with the enormity of all reality taken into consideration

And may we find great-glorious-ecstatic ways to complete our endeavours, to resolve our  conflicts, to bring into being our dreams, to birth and to raise new Life