In asking for feedback for The Divine Creative mentoring programme -“what do you feel holds you back from your deepest creative power?” – one of the repeated responses was ‘how the hell do I know when an artwork/ a project is finished?’

It’s a prevalent problem in our modern culture of over-stimulation and distractedness – finishing anything becomes so much more difficult than just having a wee peek at my feed/ stream, or beginning something new…

We’re perpetually revved-up on adrenaline and caffeine, sugar and screens, tension and empty-calories – so our brains becoming very habituated in that shallow, jumpy energy that is useful for beginning things… But it keeps on firing the starting gun, even when we should be slowing down, or resting.

The ability to finish things is a precise indicator of our spiritual well-being. A chronic problem with finishing might mean a deeper lack of alignment on various levels; our confidence, a disconnect between mind-body-emotions-spirit, the way we’re organising our lives (or not), our attitude to how we present ourselves to the world.

It might take a lot of unpacking, but looking at how we finish our work (or not) – just bringing our awareness to the ways we’re procrastinating, or holding back, or feeling afraid – this can reveal a great deal. And in this way, we can subtly and gently tweak ourselves towards completion, resolution, wholeness.

It’s not about a big dramatic push towards the finish-line, but a skilled, practised, intelligent movement towards refinement of a thing. This is more often than not a deeply intuitive and felt thing, rather than a logical path made from specific steps. It comes from the doing, not from the thinking about doing.

As I mention in the podcast, I’ll be announcing openings in the new year for The Divine Creative mentoring programme, which will be supporting the immense creative potential of wise humans like yourself, in challenges like this one… In the meantime:

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