a dismantled bread oven in rural Italy, waiting to be turned into art

Painting onto canvas can be an incredibly limiting presumption about our creativity, which we get caught in early on…

Using shop-bought materials for our art, particularly for surfaces is a form of colonisation of our immense creative potential. Myriad, meaningful surfaces are in fact all around us – and often freely available.

finished brick from the dismantled bread oven

When we begin using materials that we find around us, we develop a solid foundation of relationship and depth of story within our work, which can be a missing link, when we use something prefabricated industrially.

Using found materials makes our work more unique, and more specific to our place and time. It might also make our work more relevant, more connected, more interconnected; give it a place in the world different from that of a image painted on a manufactured surface. http://www.claregalloway.com

It’s not about ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but about the effect on the world, on multiple levels, that radiates outwards from our creating and creations. Listen to the podcast, to hear more

finished brick from the bread oven – see my art catalogue for more of these works for sale

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