Sustaining a serious creative practise – or even getting started with one! – is an art. Several distinct pillars have to simultaneously be kept in place, inner and outer worlds need to be synchronised, and we need to prise a certain level of freedom from the condensed tightness of expected-conformity that surrounds us in the modern world.

Many creative folks get stuck before even beginning; “I don’t have the time, the space, the energy, the ideas, the enthusiasm…!” – or they run out of any/ all of these elements, over the years…

This is a podcast around how we can listen to the flow that is in all things – the harmony of divine creative intelligence – to understand how best to find our space, our creative liberty, the deepest purpose and meaning in our work and life.

photo by crystal davis

It can seem impossible to prise the time and space to create, from our rushed consciousness. It’s getting easier and more ‘normal’ rather, to give in to the onslaught of superficial stimulation, global concerns, the sense that we are in a state of emergency… Art might feel like the last thing we should be doing, whilst forests are burning, ice caps melting, people killing each other…

However, there is profound meaning and purpose in removing ourselves from the conventional mindset (and behaviour), and in beginning to carve out space to make, time to ruminate, energy to express ourselves, focus to allow there to be flow. It is a revolutionary act to begin to harness and harvest our time much as we return to food-growing and reclaiming our capacity to live off the land – taking our focus away from consuming and from forcing things into being, and bringing it into the quiet magic of the underlying perfection of Life.

photo by Kat Tan

If you have a creative calling, it’s very likely that the universe (and other humans!) will support you in it. It’s not an accident that we’re born with such passions and callings that want to come through us, and daring to step into our time and space as sovereign, sacred, this is of the most powerful healing acts that we do in this world.

If you’re seriously struggling with this, however, I’m developing The Divine Creative mentoring programme, to help get you onto the aligned path with your gifts… See more via these pages.

photo by Charlotte Sorensen

If you’d also like to hear more about how I personally dove into divine creative flow, to manifest my magical arthouse and Free Life in Italy – see my video about How I Came To Be In Guardia Sanframondi.

In my arthouse studio, 2017

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Blessings on your day, and on your creative expansion into the divinity of life,