In my earlier life as an artist, this time of year regularly brought out the ‘necessity’ of hustling: art fairs, pop-up shops, exhibitions, trying to gain visibility and traction for the buying season…

The internet has exacerbated our collective tension and acceleration into Christmas selling enormously… maybe we all felt that social media and automation must ease being seen and selling… but mostly it seems to mean overload and distraction on every possible level – and being seen in all of this means leaning in awfully heavily.

I’ve felt myself increasingly drawn in quite the contrary direction from the mainstream – and all the immense effort and strain has fallen away. My patrons and art clients now have a direct line to my creations, and new supporters are drawn without my having to lasso them!

I talk about my approach in this podcast:

As visual artists and creators, being visible should come effortlessly… If it doesn’t, if being visible is strenuous or unpleasant, then we’re probably just stuck in the wrong flow, and we need to re-navigate into a more harmonious one.

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